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Issue 8: July 2019

Academic leaders build program improvements

The Academic Leadership Team facilitates coordination, communication, and collaboration within the academic department and with other departments within the College to advance the mission of the school. They serve together to improve the academic programs of the College to benefit our students and constituents.

Dr. Jim Estep is Central’s new Vice-President of Academics. He joined the executive team at Central on May 1, 2019.

Jim is one of the founders of e2 Effective Elders (www.e2elders.org). He is an adjunct faculty member at two Christian universities. He recently served as Equipping Pastor at Heritage Christian Church in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Jim loves books (both reading and writing) and has an extensive library. He just moved over 5,000 books to Missouri. He also enjoys Star Trek, traveling, and coffee. Jim and his wife Karen have three children and four grandchildren. They enjoying being closer to family in the Midwest.

Dr. Eric Stevens has transitioned into a new role as Dean of Student Success after six years of serving as the Academic Dean. Eric is looking forward to returning to the classroom full-time in the fall. In his new position, Dr. Stevens will intervene to help struggling students and those with academic difficulties. He is also in charge of coordinating the success programs the college offers to students.

Dr. Jamie Franke has served as the Director of Online Education for over six years. Jamie has implemented the plan that was set before he took the position and continues to develop the plan for online courses and degree programs. Jamie helps recruit, train, and encourage online students. He interacts with the online students and enjoys getting to know them. (See his article, “Online Degrees Equip Students From Across the Country”)

Brandon Bradley is the Associate Dean of Professional Studies. His role includes overseeing our partnership programs with Hope International University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Moberly Area Community College. He works with the ministry program directors, oversees our Internship and Service Learning programs, assists congregations during ministry transitions, and connects new partners to our ministry programs.

Anne Menear is the Assessment Coordinator and will have a key role in Central’s accreditation reaffirmation with the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) in two years. In addition, Anne is Professor of Christian Education and serves as the Dean of Student Conduct. She brings her unique experiences with students in the classroom and the Residence Hall to benefit the Academic Leadership Team.

Darryl Ammon is the Executive Director of Student Development. Serving as both a professor and administrator, he helps to monitor various factors to improve student retention. Mr. Ammon and his team are creating a co-curricular transcript to document student performance in areas such as chapel attendance, service-learning hours, and leadership experiences. He also oversees Central’s housekeeping and maintenance personnel.

Patty Agee has served in the library for 41 years and has been the Head Librarian since 2001. Patty evaluates learning resources to make sure Central’s students have access to the needs of the curriculum. She has also helped develop a collection of electronic books and journal articles that are available for online students. Patty regularly serves as an evaluator for ABHE, visiting and working with colleges across the country.

Rhonda Dunham maintains academic records as the Registrar. Over the past three decades, Rhonda has filled various roles, including Financial Aid Director, Women’s Residence Director, Dean of Women, Director of Church Relations, and Director of Academic Services. She brings a broad perspective of Central’s operations and history. Rhonda assists current students with advising and helps fulfill transcript requests for former students.


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