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February 2019 Minuteman Appeal Letter

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You lived up to your namesake as Minutemen.  When needed, you showed up. When called to serve, you were there at a moment’s notice. Thank you!

In 2018, you and other friends gave more than $84,000 to The Minuteman Fund.  You helped us be prepared to meet unexpected needs. Thanks to your gifts to The Minuteman Fund, we can be ready as soon as possible.

You may have heard that I recently took a seven-week sabbatical for rest and rejuvenation.  It was a wonderful time of reading, relaxing, and refocusing in prayer. I appreciated the generosity of our board and the flexibility of our staff in making this opportunity available.

When I left on December 14, we were having a problem on campus with part of our automated door-locking system.  We were using two systems for different doors, and the older system stopped working. The situation was troubling for a couple of reasons.  Many of our campus doors had to be manually locked each night, a security risk if one was missed or later unlocked.  In addition, some doors had to be physically barricaded, because there was no way to engage the electronic locks.

But I can tell you one reason why the situation was NOT troubling to me as I departed for my sabbatical.  You had already provided us with enough resources in The Minuteman Fund to cover the replacement or repair cost to make our campus security system functional again.  

And that is exactly what happened.  We were able to address this problem and turn it into an opportunity to improve.  Our Director of Information Technology, James Williamson, said, “This upgrade allows us to monitor and control access to all of our outside doors more consistently.  It also simplifies my job by giving more flexibility for customizing and providing appropriate access to students and staff.”  Your past gifts allowed us to unify our access control system, add keypad access to more doors, and install the system before students arrived in January.  

When I returned from my sabbatical on February 1, I was pleased to see the list of gifts to The Minuteman Fund from the previous appeal. You had combined to give almost $18,000, which was enough to provide for our expected needs and also have enough of a buffer to cover this unexpected need.  But now we are in a critical position. There are no longer any reserves in The Minuteman Fund to meet the next unexpected need.

So I am asking again:  Can you help us now so we will be ready the next time an unexpected need arises?

Generous gifts from Minutemen help us be prepared.  Your gift now of $50, $125, $500, or more will make a difference. Of course, we are thankful for whatever you might give so The Minuteman Fund can meet the unexpected challenges of funding this ministry.  Whatever the amount you choose to give, thank you for supporting The Minuteman Fund.

Your partner in developing Christian workers,

Dr. David Fincher


P.S.   We have set a goal to receive $100,000 of donations to The Minuteman Fund during 2019.  Although that is a 19% increase from last year, we have confidence that God will provide due to the responsiveness of friends like you.

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