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Dear Minuteman,

The Walton Student Center has been used since Fall 2010.

Following our final Minuteman Fund request of 2017, we had over $15,000 given by friends like you. As a result, we bought 19 new computers for our employees.  If you shared generously to make this possible, thank you. The request was in theTORCH, which saved us postage and printing costs. God provided for our needs, and we are thankful.

Let me tell you about the next project we need to complete at Central to benefit our students. Actually, it’s several little projects in one location. If you have been on our campus since 2010, you may have seen our newest building, the Walton Student Center (pictured above). It is our campus “family room,” where students and staff relax and spend time together.

In this building, our students do many things.  They study in groups, play games, and watch television. They enjoy refreshments and meals, meet and pray together, and attend small classes. We also host occasional community events there. But with all that usage in the last 8 years, some things need repair, and other things need to be added to improve it.

  • Adding five AppleTVs for presentations on the various televisions in the building $200 each
  • Adding a whiteboard for the two student meeting rooms $250 each
  • Purchasing two Shure wireless microphones for programs and announcements $250 each
  • Installing four sets of blinds in large windows (see temporary blinds on one of the westward facing windows) $500 each
  • Adding a printer for student usage $500 total
  • Replacing two broken ping-pong tables with commercial models $550 each
  • Installing two new televisions in various locations in the building $600 each
  • Replacing broken signage and adding new signage for the rooms and walls. $600 total
  • Installing shelves in the storage room for better organization $800 total
  • Replacing and cleaning the upholstery on couches and chairs $1,850 total
  • Landscaping three outdoor sections (to match the southwest section pictured above) $2,000 total

This total project has a goal of $15,000, which I hope we can start when spring break begins on March 22. Whether you give as little as $30 or as much as $2,000 to The Minuteman Fund, thank you for helping our students immediately enjoy these benefits. We are also asking their parents to help improve the campus that their student calls home.

Do any of those projects I mentioned sound like something you could support?   Your gift will help us complete them all.  Thank you for joining others in supporting The Minuteman Fund with your first Minuteman gift for 2018.

Your partner in developing Christian workers,

Dr. David Fincher



P.S.      If you haven’t visited our campus, I would love to show you around when you are in the area. I’ll even buy you a hot drink in the student center! Call or text me at 660-833-4260. Let’s plan a time for you to visit Central Christian College of the Bible. It would be a great opportunity for you to introduce a potential student to our ministry.

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