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Lift the Torch
Stewardship Campaign

Together WE Can LIFT the Torch!

Learn how you can support and expand the mission of developing servant-leaders for the church by participating in the LIFT the Torch Stewardship Campaign.

Financial Security

This campaign is designed to provide Financial Security, Campus Infrastructure, and Program Improvements.

In order to strengthen the College’s economic position, we will reduce debt obligations, grow enrollment, and increase gift income. The Lift the Torch goal for this portion of the campaign is $1.5 million.

Elimination of Debt – $1 million of debt elimination to save over $80,000 a year in debt payments
Enrollment Growth Initiatives – $250,000 to provide for new student marketing services, returning student success strategies, and oversight to evaluate the results
Scholarship Expenses – $100,000 to offset the reduced income in the first year of implementing a new competitive scholarship plan
Fundraising Expenses – $150,000 to provide for expenses of the Lift the Torch campaign as well as identify and market to a new group of donors

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Program Improvements

Campus Infrastructure

LIFT the Torch is a $2.8 million “over and above” stewardship campaign of which $2 million of gifts and intentions have been identified.

Please help us to succeed in our mission, symbolized by the historic “torch” representing the work of Central.

Consider making a secure one-time campaign gift or automatic recurring campaign gifts by filling out the form below.

If you would prefer to set up a secure automatic payment over the phone, please contact Alan Wilson, Donor Relations Executive Assistant, at alanwilson@cccb.edu or 660-372-2484.

Designated gifts received for capital projects will be fulfilled in the year the costs are incurred, which may not be the same year the project is placed in service.