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Campus Facilities

Pelfrey Hall

Pelfrey Hall is the heartbeat of the Central campus, much like the man it’s named after, Lloyd Pelfrey, who was the president of Central for 26 years. You will walk down halls of classrooms where countless other graduates have walked before you in a rich legacy of learning. Pelfrey Hall also contains the offices, the cafeteria, the gym / auditorium, the Lincoln Conference room, and the Pioneer Room.

Reese Resource Center

Anyone who knows Professor Gareth L. Reese knows he is a walking library so it is fitting that this building should take his name sake. The Reese Resource Center contains a substantial library of religious works with comfortable seating and tables for quiet study, and an adjoining Christian bookstore.

Walton Student Center

Memories are made at this recreational building. It’s a place for you grab some coffee or a snack at the campus coffee shop, burn off stress in the workout room, team up and study with other students in the collaborative spaces, or hang with friends around the various entertainment centers.


We have a strict gender-separate living policy. Dorms are off limits to the opposite gender and each contain a state-of-the-art hand scan and password entry security system to enter the building, as well as personal locks for each dorm room.

College isn’t just about classrooms, homework, and exams.

The time you spend in the residence halls will be one of the most significant and unique aspects of your college experience.

Spurling Hall
Newly renovated, this ladies’ dormitory has a charming lounge, laundry facilities, an apartment for the dorm parents, and room to house 108 ladies’ clothes, with plenty of room to spare for the girls themselves. It also has a long history of dispute with the ladies’ dorm in Foundation Hall as to which is better. Come and decide for yourself!


Foundation Hall
The newest of the dormitories, Foundation Hall was completed in 2004 and comfortably houses 153 students. With separate entrances and lobbies, this dorm accommodates both genders while keeping the sweat and socks smell on one side and the perfume on the other. Amenities include laundry, tvs and couches, with a newly painted mural by one of our own students!


Lang Hall
Recently expanded, this men’s dormitory can comfortably handle the rough and tumble of 147 men. It contains vigorous laundry facilities to handle the sweat load, and a rustic, old-time-diner style lounge so they can continue eating in comfort throughout the day.

Campus Security

While we do not have campus security personnel, we do offer an on-duty number (660-998-4102) for students and staff, to be used when staff or RA can not be reached. Also Moberly Police Department makes regular patrol, and all students receive ALICE crisis training during orientation. You may review Central’s Annual Security Report here, or in the Student Services office in Pelfrey Hall.

Smoke-Free Campus

No alcohol or drugs are allowed on school property and all students are required to sign a pledge to abstain from all alcohol and drugs during the duration of their enrollment to ensure the safety, reputation, and Christian witness of Central.

Campus Map