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We believe in you. We believe in what you will do for the kingdom.

Each semester, Central has 100 open Full-Tuition Scholarships available for new or transferring students. This scholarship will equal the cost of tuition up to 17 hours of study per semester. Central Christian College may also award a Full-Tuition Scholarship to additional students in certain circumstances. Students meeting these requirements will continue to receive the Full-Tuition Scholarship (FTS) until they have completed their first bachelor’s degree from Central.

We are committed to seeing that you get equipped with as little educational debt as possible.

Eligibility & Requirements
  • Be admitted into a degree or certificate program on our Moberly campus.
  • Continue to meet Central’s published Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements (CGPA of 2.00 and 70% credit completion ratio.  See the Academic Catalog for more information.)
  • Complete at least 90% of Christian Service hours each semester.
  • Attend at least 80% of Chapel Services.

Eligible students will be awarded this scholarship upon admittance.

If the incoming or current student does not meet these requirements the student will receive a Central Scholarship which is only 80% of the Full-Tuition Scholarship for the minimum of one semester. Eligibility may be regained when a student once again meets the requirements.

Disbursement of Scholarship

Students who are awarded Full-Tuition Scholarships will see a tuition charge on their student bill. However, they will also see a credit for the FTS on their student bill. The scholarship will be disbursed at the 30% mark of the semester. After the disbursement, if a credit balance is created on a student’s account, the college will return the credit balance to the student within 14 days.

Contact Information
Direct phone: (660) 372-2488

Financial Aid Staff
Rocky Christensen