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Central Scholarship

80% of Tuition

Students who do not meet the requirements for a Full-Tuition Scholarship will receive a Central Scholarship equivalent to 80% of their tuition up to 17 hours of study per semester.

Eligibility & Requirements
  • Student must continue to meet Central’s published Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements (CGPA of 2.00 and 70% credit completion ratio, see Academic Catalog for more information.)
  • Student required to complete at least 80% of Field Experience each semester.
  • Student required to attend at least 80% of Chapel Services.

If, after one semester, a student has met Academic, Field Experience, and Chapel expectations, the student will receive a Full-Tuition scholarship for the second semester.


Disbursement of Scholarship

Students who are awarded Central Scholarships will see a tuition charge on their student bill. However, they will also see a credit for the scholarship on their student bill. The scholarship will be disbursed in three (3) disbursements each semester so there will be three (3) scholarships listed for each semester. The first disbursement will be at the 10% mark of the semester and the second will be at the 30% mark and the final disbursement will be at the 50% mark of the semester. After each disbursement, if a credit balance is created on a student’s account, the college will return the credit balance to the student within 14 days.