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Field Education Experience

The apostles walked and talked with Jesus during the three years of his ministry here on earth, watching, training, listening, practicing. They had the ultimate mentor. With our internship program we give you the next best thing.

During your Junior/Senior year we’ll plunge you right into the middle of your area of interest to become a modern disciple of a godly leader. Apply all that you have learned in your major to real life, and gain the invaluable experience that only guided trial and error can teach you. This unique opportunity will give you an edge of practical experience, confidence, and wisdom as you step out into your field after graduation.

Field Education Experience (FEE) Defined

  • The FEE will be field work under the supervision of a skilled professional.
  • It must be in the area of the student’s major.
  • Detailed tasks will be assigned by the school Faculty Advisor and Internship Supervisor with formal evaluation and grades.
  • A weekly reflection journal will be kept, and book(s) will be read and a reflection paper prepared.
  • The internship is considered a class.
  • The student’s Faculty Adviser will reserve the right of final approval for an Internship Site.
  • The student’s progress in his/her Field Education Experience is monitored and directed by the student’s Faculty Adviser.
  • It is a prerequisite to graduate with a Bachelor degree.
  • It is completed during your Junior/Senior year.
  • It can be summer long (30 hours per week for 10 weeks), semester long (20 hours per week for 15 weeks), or year long (10 hours per week for 30 weeks), or an alternative may be arranged with the Faculty Adviser.

The Process

  1. Pre-register in the spring of your Junior year for SALT 300: Vocational Preparation taught in the Spring of the Junior year.
  2. FEE options (you will be provided with a list of past sites, but explore for yourself)
    • Call churches in an area of interest
    • Search the sites of larger churches
    • Ask Ministers or other students for suggestions
  3. Complete SALT 300: Vocational Preparation (Junior year)
    • Meet with your Faculty Advisor
    • Share your FEE options
  4. Fill out Field Site Data Sheet
    • FEE Supervisor must meet the qualifications laid out in the FEE Manual
    • Get Faculty Advisor Approval
  5. Create Learning Agreement with your FEE Supervisor
    • Submit initial draft to FEE Supervisor
    • Once finalized submit to Faculty Advisor for approval
    • Print and sign
    • Deliver a copy to the Registrar upon completion
  6. Register and Begin FEE
  7. Intermediate Report (1/3 of FEE)
    • Submit Student Intermediate Report to Faculty Advisor
    • Submit FEE Supervisor Intermediate Report to Faculty Advisor
  8. Final Report
    • Submit Student Final Report to Faculty Advisor
    • Submit FEE Supervisor Final Report to Faculty Advisor
  9. Schedule an exit interview with your Faculty Advisor
    • Submit the weekly reflective journal and any other assignments apart of the FEE Learning Agreement