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On-Site Program Calculator

Semester Fees
Residential Students (Onsite Fee + Room & Board) $6,500
Commuter Students (Onsite Fee) $3,200
All required student fees are included in the above prices.
Residential Student fees include double occupancy room and a 17 meals per week board plan.
Optional Semester Fees
Single Occupancy (subject to availability) $600 upcharge
Premium Internet Service $50
Semester Overload ($300 per credit)
Independent Study ($500) $500
Late Registration ($10 per credit)
Change/Add Program $60
Change of Schedule $40
Dual Enrollment ($100 per credit)
Book Rental Program $100
If you opt out of Book Rental Program, and you purchase your books $300
Supply Estimate $275
Tuition Full-Time Students (12 credits or more) Part-Time Sutdents
On-Site Program Students $3,750* $300 per credit* 

*Each semester, Central will have 100 open Full-Tuition Scholarships available to new or transferring students who have been admitted into a degree or certificate program and attend classes on our Moberly campus. The tuition scholarship covers degree-seeking students taking fewer than 19 credits. The Scholarship may be reduced due to deficiencies in grades, Christian service, or chapel attendance.
Students who do not receive a Full-Tuition Scholarship will receive a Central Scholarship equivalent to 80% of their tuition up to 18.5 credits of study per semester. If, after one semester, a student has met Academic, Christian Service, and Chapel expectations, the student will receive a Full-Tuition scholarship for the second semester. Central Christian College may also award a Full-Tuition Scholarship to additional students in certain circumstances.

Full Tuition Scholarship  12+ credits
Central Scholarship  12+ credits
Estimated First Semester Total $0

Contact Information
Direct phone: (660) 372-2488

Financial Aid Staff
Rocky Christensen