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International Student

We welcome the opportunity to provide affordable, quality education for international students who desire Christian ministry training.  The process of applying as an international student can take a while, so beginning early is essential. We suggest that international students apply six months before your first semester, but no later than April 1st for the Fall Semester, and September 1st for the Spring Semester.  The steps you will need to take to become a student at CCCB are detailed as follows:

Required Application Procedures:
These are the documents and pieces that an International applicant may need to supply (depending on student type and application circumstances) in order to complete their application process and be reviewed for admittance. Here’s a checklist to give you an idea of what you need:

  1. Application:  Go online and fill out our new student application here.
  2. International Questionnaire: You can fill out the online version of the form here.
  3. Educational Records: We will need your high school and college transcripts.  Transcripts from high school and colleges attended outside the United States must be submitted through an evaluation service.  CCCB does not recommend any particular service, but will accept evaluations from any service recognized by NACES.
  4. TOEFL Results: The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam is for non-English speaking countries only. We can only admit students with a minimum paper test score of 500, a minimum computer score of 173, or a minimum internet score of 61. See TOEFL’s website for details on the test. Central’s school code for TOEFL is 6145. Central also accepts a score of 5 or higher on the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
  5. Ministry Reference: Provide name, email, and phone information for one ministry reference (non-relative) who knows you well. We will email them the link to fill out and return a reference form on your behalf.
  6. Personal Funding Statement: Upon application to Central, your admissions counselor will send you this form to complete. This form will assess your ability to pay your school bill.  Supporting documentation, such as bank statements, will be required to prove sufficient funds exist to cover your school and living expenses.  If your personal assets are not sufficient to cover the total one year cost of attendance on the form, you will need to provide proof that another source, such as a church or personal sponsor, will be supporting you by paying those bills.
  7. Affidavit of Support (Form I-134): Download and complete the I-134 Affidavit of Support found here.  Please read and follow closely the instructions for completing the I-134 here.The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that you submit an Affidavit of Support form (form I-134) listing your source of funding for your schooling and living expenses while you are a student in the US (your sponsor). The USCIS further requires that this sponsor be a US citizen. In addition, this sponsor or sponsors must be willing to cover all expenses incurred by the student. The supporter must sign the affidavit of support form stating that they are willing to pay this amount. They will also need to provide supporting documentation that demonstrates that they have the ability to pay this amount according to the instructions provided with the I-134 form. This is very important. You cannot be admitted as a student at CCCB without a US based sponsor.  Submit the completed I-134 to the CCCB Admissions Department.  Please Note: CCCB does not provide sponsorship for international students, nor do we have any information on any available sponsors.

Send all forms and materials listed above to:

Central Christian College of the Bible
Attn: Admissions Director
911 East Urbandale Drive
Moberly, MO, USA, 65270

Admittance Decisions:
When all of the above documents have been received, the Admissions Department will review the application and a decision regarding admittance will be made.  If you have been admitted, you will be notified of your admittance by letter.  You will then need to complete the following steps in order to obtain your visa and enroll:

Upon Admittance:

  1. Submit your International Fee:  If you are admitted you will need to submit an International Fee to reserve your spot at CCCB and receive your I-20 form.  Along with your reservation fee, please provide the address where you would like your I-20 form sent. Once you receive the I-20 and SEVIS receipt you will need to schedule a visa interview. International first-year students pay a $500 USD fee; International students already on a valid I-20 pay a $300 USD fee.
  2. Visa Interview: Once you receive the I-20 form and SEVIS receipt, contact the U.S. embassy or consulate closest to you and schedule an interview to apply for an F-1 Visa. Applications requiring security clearance can take between 2 and 4 months in addition to the normal processing time. It is best to apply for your student visa as early as possible, but not more than 120 days prior to the start of your program. Go to the Department of State website for current procedures, required forms, and operating hours.
  3. US College Transfer Students: International Students currently attending college in the U.S. who desire to transfer to Central must complete all of the above steps required for application.  Transfer students will also be required to provide Official Transcripts from all colleges attended.  Once an admittance decision has been made, you will also need to contact the CCCB Admissions Office to obtain an International Student School Transfer Certification Form.  This step is necessary only if you are an international student wishing to transfer from another U.S. college or university.

Please direct all questions about these items to: CCCB Admissions Department:admissions@cccb.edu | 888-263-3900 x144