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Online Lending Textbook Request Form

Form for online students to provide what books they need and agree to the bookstore policy.
  • I understand that borrowed textbooks are the property of Central Christian College Bookstore. By accepting the terms of the textbook lending program, I promise to return the borrowed textbook(s) to the bookstore in good, undamaged, and lendable condition and without excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking. I agree to return any dust jackets, CDs, DVDs, or other supplemental materials with the borrowed textbook(s). Textbooks must be returned to the bookstore. Any books left in the library, library drop box, Reese Resource Center lobby, dormitories, or any other location on campus will be considered delinquent and will result in a fine. I agree to return the borrowed textbook(s) by 5 p.m. on the last day of finals. This date will be provided to students each semester. If I am an online student and unable to return borrowed textbooks in person, I agree to ship my textbook(s) to the bookstore postmarked no later than the last day of finals. There is no grace period. I authorize Central Christian College Bookstore to place my records on hold and to charge my student account a $25 processing fee plus 70% of the retail value of any borrowed textbook that is not returned by the due date, is lost or stolen, or is returned in such a condition that it is no longer lendable. I understand that if I return someone else’s textbooks and they do not return mine, I will remain responsible for my unreturned textbooks. I agree that all identifying stickers or labels on borrowed textbooks must remain intact and must not be removed, altered, or obliterated. I understand that I can purchase any borrowed textbook from the lending program for retail price less a 30% discount at any time during posted store hours prior to 5 p.m. on the last day of finals by visiting Central Christian College Bookstore or calling 1-888-291-3909 with a valid credit card. If my textbooks are not returned in person or postmarked by 5 p.m. on the last day of finals, my student account will be charged 70% of the retail prices for any unreturned textbooks plus a processing fee of $25. I have one month after notification to contest these charges. I understand that when Central Christian College Bookstore places a hold on my student account for unreturned or damaged textbooks, all transcripts, grades, or diplomas will be held until the fees are paid and the hold is removed. As a registered student at Central Christian College of the Bible or its affiliate programs, I have chosen to enter into this agreement with Central Christian College Bookstore to borrow a copy of the required textbook(s) for my course(s).