Saved Through Childbirth?


A Confusing Passage Perhaps you have stumbled across the passage in 1 Timothy 2: 14-15 that reads, Maybe some of you have just glossed over this passage with little to no thought or confusion. For others though, this passage has been a huge area of concern and has generated many questions over time: How are women “preserved” or “saved” through childbearing? What does that mean for women in general? What about Christian women who: cannot bear children whose husbands are infertile, or who remain unmarried? Four Points of View This blog will explore the differing viewpoints of four New Testament … Continue reading “Saved Through Childbirth?”

The Why and How of Mentoring


Today, it seems young Christians are frequently left to their own devices after baptism. They may be encouraged to attend a particular small group or to participate in a certain ministry capacity but often the one-on-one discipling relationship they had prior to their baptism is lost once the wet robes from the baptismal are taken off. My intention in this blog post is not to rail upon those baptizers, but rather to look into a discipleship function that is sorely lacking in many of today’s churches and encourage all of us to be more mindful about taking part in reintroducing … Continue reading “The Why and How of Mentoring”

10 Creative Ways to Give

Rich in Good Works

This post is a continuation of the previous one and is also provided by Kirk Schlabaugh, graduating senior.  Our last post strove to challenge the way you think about giving and how you define being “wealthy” enough to give. You may be saying to yourself, “Kirk, get real- I am a college student making an annual income of negative four thousand dollars. I am in debt up to my eyeballs. How can I give?!” Your dilemma is real, and I hope that I can encourage you. Earlier I defined being rich toward God as loving God and loving others by using … Continue reading “10 Creative Ways to Give”

3 Ways to Have a Better Attitude About Giving

Rich in Good Works

This week’s blog post is provided by Kirk Schlabaugh, one of our resident assistants and a senior soon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries. Most of us are more economically well-off than we think. Comparatively, even Americans just above the poverty line are more wealthy than most of the world (see where you stand). What’s your point? (you ask). By quoting Paul in 1 Timothy 6, I am implying that you and I (I am making a generalization) fall into the category of “the rich in this present age”. This charge is for us. But with great wealth … Continue reading “3 Ways to Have a Better Attitude About Giving”

Inspired and Useful


This post is courtesy of CCCB junior Jake St. Clair. Jake is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Preaching Ministry, is involved in the Honors Program, and works as a Resident Assistant in our boys’ dorm. Many issues within the Pastoral Epistles have been contested throughout  the history of the Church. There have been divisions over the doctrines of eldership, manhood, womanhood, worship, leadership, and Scripture. Perhaps the center of the most conflict has been the doctrine of Scripture because both atheists and Christians argue over the nature of the Bible. Interestingly enough, one of the most hotly debated passages in … Continue reading “Inspired and Useful”