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“Without You, I Would Not Have Been Able. . . .”

Cassie grew up in a small town in Missouri, the oldest of three children raised by a single mom.  She didn’t go to church and she wasn’t religious. But friends at school invited her to one of our supporting churches, and adults like you influenced her life.  Cassie wrote,

“They planted a seed in me to be a leader.  They inspired me to use my outgoing personality to further the Kingdom of God by considering becoming a ministry leader.”

Cassie’s initial response was to resist that encouragement and to work towards a career in medicine instead.  But during her senior year, when already enrolled to pursue a degree as a surgical technician, someone got involved again.  She continues,

“I had just graduated from high school and was invited to my last summer conference.  Up to this point, I had not really heard about Central. One of my close friends had mentioned it a couple times and had just been accepted.  She invited some camp team representatives to our room for fellowship and snacks. There I started listening to their conversation. Little did I know when I returned from that trip, God worked on my heart telling me this was the place I needed to be.”

Cassie’s plans changed quickly, and she attended Central, where she was part of a discipleship group.  Her leader recruited her to help teach children on Wednesday nights. Then she joined a summer camp team.  Along the way, she went on admissions trips talking to potential CCCB students. Later, she became a children’s minister and even recruited one of her sponsors to become a student here.  

Eventually, Cassie went on four mission trips, leading one of them.  Now that she has earned her degree, she will start a one-year residency at a supporting church in the Kansas City area.  Someday, she wants to earn a master’s degree and maintain a ministry in America while taking regular mission trips to teach in Jamaica.  These activities are part of the reason why her fellow students chose her to receive the Servant-Leader Award. (She is pictured receiving a servant’s towel at Honors Chapel from Darryl Ammon, Executive Director of Student Development.)

It was Cassie who wrote that opening quote:  “Without you, I would not have been able . . . .”  She wrote it to donors like you, knowing that without you:

  • …there would have been no camp team members to encourage her decision to attend.
  • …there would have been no scholarship to give her an affordable opportunity to attend.
  • …there would have been no teachers to train her for ministry and missions opportunities.

One more quote from Cassie:

“Without you, I would not be able to proudly say in May of 2019 I will graduate with a four-year bachelor’s degree completely debt-free!”  

And she isn’t alone.  Over half of last year’s graduating class had zero debt from their college experience at Central.  And those who graduated from Central with student loans owed 30% less than the average debt of a 2018 college graduate across the nation.

Cassie’s story can only happen because people like you make generous gifts to CCCB.  You understand the need for a place that develops servant-leaders for the church.  

Right now, your gift to Central Christian College of the Bible is vitally important to make a difference in ways that you might not even realize.  

  • It will send camp teams around the country to find students like Cassie.  
  • It will provide the campus with the maintenance and repairs necessary over the summer months to prepare for August enrollment.  
  • And it will help us finish the 2018-19 fiscal year in the best possible position.  

This year, giving to Central has been different than the past few years.  We have received more gifts than normal but less total dollars.  Some of our friends haven’t been able to give as much this year as in the past.  Could you help by making a special gift of any size within the next few weeks?

Whatever amount you decide to give, you can know that you are helping students become firm in the faith.  You are helping them make long-lasting relationships. You are helping students make the decision to pursue God’s will for their lives.  And you are providing a place where students become dedicated disciples who know God’s word and serve His kingdom.

  • If you want to recommend someone to be a student at CCCB, just share their contact information using the icon in the bottom right corner of this page.
  • If you want to see students like Cassie be able to earn a degree and start ministry debt-free, please make a secure gift below to invest in training servant-leaders.    You can also set up an automatic gift on a monthly or quarterly basis by clicking “Show my support by making this a recurring donation.”
  • If you would like to make your gift in honor of the Class of 2019 or some special person to you, include that information in the form below.


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