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Central’s Family Blesses Ours

Dear Friend of Central,

Have you ever counted the cost to serve Jesus?  My name is Kayla Poznich, and my husband Jason is on the faculty at CCCB.  I want to tell you how our family has learned it is worth whatever the cost for us to follow Jesus.

It all started long ago in the little town of Phillipsburg, Missouri.  I grew up under the mentorship of my Uncle Rick Howerton, who was also my Youth Minister. I also sat under the teaching of my home church minister, Roger Tribble.  Uncle Rick attended Central and Roger was a Board member. From the time I was young, they saw something in me and encouraged me to pursue ministry.  Central is almost in my blood, as my church and immediate family have been long-time financial supporters.  Central camp teams also impacted my decision to pursue ministry, encouraging me to make that sacrifice. But I didn’t know where God’s road of service would lead.

After attending Ozark Christian College, Jason and I followed that road to Las Vegas for a yearlong internship. Next, God’s road led Jason to Lincoln Christian Seminary for graduate work, while he preached in Illinois. Then a few weeks after graduating with his M.Div in 2014, Jason was presented with an opportunity to become the Professor of Preaching Ministry at Central.  That changed our trajectory of ministry to a whole new road of service.

After counting the cost, we decided it was God’s calling for us to move to Moberly.  Moving here has been one of the greatest blessings of our ministry. Our entire family has blossomed in our time at Central in so many ways.

  • It is a place that has provided us with a spiritually deep circle of friends. We hadn’t experienced relationships like that since our time at Bible college.
  • We have seen our daughter, Zoe, grow in confidence as college students love on her and invest in her. Being able to let our daughter experience ministry from a young age is very important to us.  Central has blessed us with an amazing place to teach her to serve Christ. In addition, she’s been able to serve by simply going to games to cheer on our Saints teams, having students over for a meal, making cookies for a dorm floor of girls, or providing snacks for finals week. Zoe will never forget these experiences, and neither will we.
  • We are grateful that Central lets us serve together as a family. Jason and I have been small group mentors and dorm floor mentors. We have also travelled for Central to Nationwide Youth Roundup, International Conference on Missions, North American Christian Convention, plus many camps and churches.

Because of all these blessings, Jason and I decided to give back to Central in various ways.  We believe in the students and the school’s mission to develop servant-leaders for the church. We were once in their shoes, excited to serve but unaware of the difficulties ministry can bring. We both want to give wisdom and encouragement to these young leaders of the faith. Jason continues to host a weekly preaching club to mentor young preachers, and is also excited for new preaching and teaching opportunities, like the National Preaching Summit, and working with area churches to develop preachers. I am starting to mentor some new female students this year as well.

Vocational church ministry is not easy, and it comes at a high cost. Many will get burned out from being overworked or burned by those they are trying to serve.  Also, vocational church ministry typically is a financial sacrifice. Many students come out of Bible College with tremendous debt, only to get a job at a ministry that does not pay well.  That makes it hard to make ends meet and pay off their student loans.  Even though the cost of ministry is high, our students can learn that the long hours and financial sacrifice are worth it.

Central works hard to an affordable education through a combination of affordable pricing and the Torch Tuition Scholarship program so they can graduate in a financial position to start serving.  We realize that people like you make that possible through donations. Without your support, the cost of equipping these Kingdom workers would be even higher, causing more financial burden on those graduates who will continue to serve our churches and ministries.  That’s why we also committed to making a financial gift every month to support this program that means so much to our students.

When we financially support Central, it goes beyond the classroom walls.  As Jason was considering the position at Central, one of his mentors said, “In church ministry, you’re doing addition, winning one soul to Christ at a time.  In Bible college ministry, you’re doing multiplication. You are equipping those who will go out and serve the Kingdom, multiplying your influence.”

As a donor, you are also doing multiplication. You are investing in the lives of those who will go out into all the world making disciples for Jesus.  When you make a financial investment in Central, you also help give our family the chance to serve Jesus through this ministry.  For that opportunity, Jason, Zoe, and I say thank you.


We hope you have been encouraged by Kayla and Jason’s story.  They join more than thirty employees who currently make monthly gifts to support Central’s ministry of developing servant-leaders for the church.  In 2017, our employees gave almost $28,000 to Central, in addition to the various ways they volunteer to serve our students and the school.

Will you join them in supporting us during 2018?  Whether you make an automatic gift each month or send a check whenever you can, it will help provide generous scholarships to our students this year.  You can click below or here to make a tax-deductible gift or monthly commitment.  Thank you for your support and prayers for our ministry.


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