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I’m excited to announce a ministry elective that is available to you! This elective is called Philosophy of Family Ministry, and it is offered this coming spring of 2017. It is a three-credit hour course that that will meet in the classroom once a week on Thursdays 10:35-11:30 am. At the end of the semester (April 26-29), we will get into a van and head down toward Atlanta to attend the Orange Conference.

During this conference, we will hear from the top writers, leaders, and ministers in children, youth, college, family, and adult ministries. There will be dynamic worship, workshops, and opportunities to interact with people from various ministries from around the world. Even more exciting is that I am working with this conference so that we will have the opportunity to have special sit-downs with some of these top speakers to dialogue about ministry!

This course will cost extra money. While the conference is giving us discounted tickets, we will still have ticket costs, hotel, food, and travel expenses. However, since this is a class for academic credit, you may use your financial aid/loans to pay for it. The cost of this course will be an additional $400.00. This price my change slightly if I do not get fourteen students into the course. If you will be receiving a refund of from your financial aid this semester, I would recommend you to save it to use toward this course. We can also look at some fundraising options.

Regardless of your major, you may enroll in this course! It will be open to people on a first-come basis with priority given to the students who have successfully completed their Foundations course. I will only be accepting fourteen (14) students, and I will try to even out the number of guys to girls ratio as much as possible.
If you are interested in enrolling, here is what you need to do:

  1. Talk to your advisor about how this course will fit into your program.
  2. Evaluate your finances to determine if this is feasible for you. Consider how you might raise funds.
  3. Fill out the following wufoo form ASAP. This form is part of securing your spot in the course. https://cccb.wufoo.com/forms/sign-me-up-for-philosophy-of-family-ministry/
  4. Wait for a contact from Mr. Harper about your acceptance into the course.
  5. Enroll into the course.
  6. Prepare to have an amazing semester and experience at the Orange Conference!

Thank you for considering this!

Walt Harper

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