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Idelagrange-adelina have been extremely grateful for my education at Central Christian College of the Bible. It has changed my spiritual-life immensely as well as truly strengthened my walk with Christ. I had only been a Christian for 7 months when stepping foot on campus, and it is amazing to see how very little I knew then and what Central has done to really equip me in my knowledge of God’s Word.

I was not raised in the church or in a Christian family. For my first semester of college I was attending a university close to home. I had come to a place in my life where I really desired to be surrounded by believers. My (now) sister-in- law had transferred to Central during my first semester of college and she had told me about Central. It sounded perfect! I would gain the biblical knowledge I desired and be surrounded by believers on campus. Central offered a degree similar to what I wanted. Most of all, it would be affordable. Having the opportunity to get an amazing education at an affordable price is probably one of the very few things to get me to ever move 8 hours away from home. It was an opportunity I would be foolish to ever pass up. It met all of the requirements I was looking for in a college and more.

My first few months at Central were really hard. I was extremely homesick. It was also hard feeling like every other student had heard all of the Bible stories growing up in Sunday school, and here I was an 18 year old, completely clueless as to who Goliath was. I got a tutor my first semester at Central to help keep me on track. I studied in groups and my peers were really gracious to give me extra help when I didn’t understand something. The professors were also very gracious to me by answering my questions and not making me feel like a fool for not already knowing everything.

Each semester the homesickness has gotten much better. I truly think each semester God has slowly prepared me and shaped me for a life of ministry away from my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I loved getting to be apart of the fellowship in the dorms. I learned that we all have baggage and we all are in need of a Savior.

I have gotten to be apart of two really great church families during my college years at Central. Getting the opportunity to serve at Crossroads Christian Church (Macon, MO) and Madison Park Christian Church (Quincy, IL) each for a year really grew my experiences of church and what it is like to have a church family. I think I have grown spiritually as well by being able to be apart of those church bodies in my time at Central. It was during my time at Madison Park Christian Church that I truly began to dive into discipleship, and I absolutely loved seeing the way God could transform lives through me. I was able to take what I was learning in the classroom and use it in ministry right away.

jared-and-adelinaMy plan after graduation is to get my master’s degree in school counseling. I would like to counsel at the high school level. That time of life is really difficult, and I want to be a voice of wisdom in student’s lives. I want to be a safe person for kids to come to for help. My other plans involve doing ministry with my husband, Jared, who is a youth minister at Phillipsburg Christian Church (Phillipsburg, MO). I am thrilled to get to influence students inside the church as well as outside of it.

I will forever be thankful for the donors who believed in me and believed in the work God could do in me for His kingdom. I am leaving Central a completely different person than I was coming in. My family has witnessed the way I have obediently followed God, how I have allowed God to redeem me and use me, and they are now coming to Christ.

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