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Carrow FamilyI grew up in Southeast Indiana with my parents and three siblings. We grew up going to Oak Forest Church of Christ whenever the doors were open, and I loved every minute of it. I knew that I wanted to attend a Bible college, but my parents were unable to help me pay for college.

My church camp invited Central camp teams for our high school week twice during my high school years. They had a big impact on me, and I decided to attend CCCB. When I arrived at Central, I felt at home right away. I was challenged in my classes and learned a lot more than I expected. Outside of the classroom, I was growing just as much. I had meaningful friendships with fellow Christians that shared my same goals.

Carrow Camp TeamI applied for camp teams my freshman year for two reasons. I enjoyed traveling for Admissions during the school year, and I wanted that to continue over the summer months. My second reason, was a little more personal. I had come to Central because of a camp team, and I hoped that in doing the same, I might be able to help someone see God’s call on their life.  Around that same time, Student Development was taking applications for residence assistants, and I decided to apply for that as well. Being an Resident Assistant has grown me as both a servant and a leader in a way that I think few other roles can.

I graduated with a degree in Christian Education in May. Last summer I did a children’s ministry internship at Central Church of Christ in Streator, Illinois. In December, the church approved a year-long Christian Education internship for me upon graduation in May. I cannot wait to return and work once again with the church I grew to love last summer.

Were it not for the generous scholarships I received from Central, I know that my options would be more limited. I am grateful to not be crippled by the burden of debt that many private schools lead to. Thank you for your generous support of Central Christian College of the Bible and the students that are able to receive a superior Biblical education because of it.


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