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God's Providence: A Biblical Study

“How did you find out about Central?”  

  • Maybe your church partnered with us through financial support, prayer, and promotion.
  • Maybe your minister was trained here.
  • Maybe you were a student who attended here or a parent of one of our students.

When our students answer that question, their answers remind us how God’s Providence was working to first make them aware of Central Christian College of the Bible and then bring them here as students.  A few common themes emerge from their stories:

  • A church that partners with Central through financial support, prayer, and promotion
  • A minister who was trained at Central and saw potential for them to benefit as well.
  • A student who served in youth group or church camp was challenged towards service.

As you think about those themes, do you see yourself?  Maybe a family member or you were once in their shoes, attending here through a series of fortunate events and relationships.  Maybe you made others aware of CCCB by telling them about our affordable opportunities.

There’s another providential role in these stories as well.  God providentially uses generous people to make opportunities available for others.  God brings people, places, resources, and opportunities together to accomplish his work in the world and in the lives of His people.  

Over the past five years, hundreds of churches and over a thousand individuals like you have given so we could have a a generous scholarship program, an attractive place for students to visit, and qualified employees for them to get to know and learn from.  When you give, you are part of God’s Providence here at Central.  

Gareth Reese has prepared a special study on God’s Providence.  It describes Old Testament and New Testament teachings on the topic, the difference between General and Special Providence, and the objections some people have towards Providence.  It is now a booklet called “God’s Providence:  A Biblical Study.”  We would love to send it to you to read.

Would you also consider sending a special gift, being part of God’s Providence yourself,  for more than 220 students training to be servant-leaders for the church? Thank you for giving whatever amount fits your current circumstances.  

Providence is a big word, but Gareth Reese’s booklet will give you real insight into it.  Please request your copy today – and thank you for your gift to invest in Central’s students!

Get your copy of God’s Providence: A Biblical Study by Professor Gareth Reese


Would you like to know more about what the Bible says about God’s  providence? Professor Gareth Reese has spent a lifetime studying the New Testament and training his students for ministry.

His special study God’s Providence: A Biblical Study explores the subject in light of God’s Word and uncovers what it means for us as we walk with Christ. We would love to send this booklet to you when you make a donation of any size.  It would make a great gift for your minister or for someone in your church who might be interested in training for the ministry at Central Christian College of the Bible.

(If you are unable to give at this time, we would still like to send you the booklet.  Simply click here to download your free copy.)