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Remembering Fred Green (1928-2014)

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Central has been blessed through the years to have many dedicated friends who visit our campus and enjoy fellowship with their friends here. Each year some of them gain their eternal rewards. The events continue, but we miss those who used to be with us.

Today, we recognize one of those Dedicated Friends:  Fred Green. Though Fred himself never attended class here, his commitment to Central Christian College of the Bible was clear from its earliest years.  This was due to Fred’s own commitments as a dedicated disciple who knew God’s Word and served His kingdom.  

Born in 1928 as Fred Joseph Green IX, he preached his first sermon at the age of 17.  While attending Purdue University in his native Indiana, he was called to full-time ministry.  So he transferred to Lincoln Bible Institute in the late 1940s and became one of their earliest graduates.  

He immediately began in preaching ministry, along with his wife Dorothy, whom he met at Lincoln.  She passed away in 1961. He married Jan later that year, and they were married for 52 years. Fred had five children with Dorothy and four with Jan.  

All nine of his children went to Bible college, eight attended CCCB, and six earned a degree here.  Several of his grandchildren also attended and graduated from Central. Fred valued Bible college in general, but especially Central.  He was interviewed for a college promotional video in 2004 and said the following, “What they have done for our children makes us very proud.”

Fred was dedicated to the discipleship of his children and grandchildren.  Not only did he see Central as a pathway for growing the dedication of his own children, but also his Haitian family, the Adolphes.  He was instrumental in bringing his long-time translator, Salonique Adolphe to Missouri for ministry training. That later extended to Lucma Adolphe and now Salonique’s son, Marc.  The influence of CCCB continues in Haiti through Living Water Christian Mission due to Fred’s dedication to Central. 

Fred Green was also a man who Knew God’s Word.  When he came to Union Avenue Christian Church in 1965, he had a reputation with the students of having good sermons that were very well prepared.  Students would look forward to Sunday and Wednesday messages, which he delivered with charts. The messages were long, but he had so much to say. He also produced workbooks on the New Testament books, which were mimeographed and used as lessons for new believers.  This encouraged the students at Central to learn and share the Word. Encouragement and grace was shown to many Central students as he saw men and women learning God’s word and sharing it with others. Fred said about our students, “The gospel is what creates the revival, and the preaching of the book will produce the results that God wants.”  In his teaching and preaching, Fred demonstrated a commitment to God’s Word.

Finally, Fred Green Served His Kingdom.  He spent his life ministering in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Alaska.  Lincoln Christian College recognized him in 1975 with their prestigious Restoration Award for his mission work in Alaska.  As a minister, Fred was steady as a rock and reliable. He felt comfortable talking with people, showing them understanding, and forgiving when needed.  Central’s most generous supporting church has been Union Avenue Christian Church, and much of that identity and commitment came through Fred Green’s ministry there in the 1960s.  When the Greens left to minister in Alaska, they didn’t forget CCCB. They would host Central professors to speak at camps and revivals. And they recruited many students from Alaska to come to Missouri and be trained for ministry.


Even when he retired after 60 years in the ministry, he continued serving the work in Haiti by taking mission trips and being the forwarding agent for Living Water Christian Mission.  To recognize the influence of his work in Haiti, the Fred Green Elementary and High School was dedicated at their White Mountain location.

Fred was trained to be a preacher and always cared for preachers.  He passed away 5 years ago today at the age of 86. It is very appropriate that Fred Green will be listed as one of our Proclaim Partners on the signage in the new Preaching Center, due to a generous gift from his family.  This will remind students for years to come of the important place preaching has at our school and always had in Fred’s life.  


Thank you for joining with the family of Fred Green to make a donation that will prepare more preachers who will know God’s word and serve His kingdom.


If you write “Proclaim Project” in the memo, we will be happy to recognize you on the permanent signage in the room as a Preaching ($240), Platform ($500), Pulpit ($2,500), or Proclaim ($5,000) partner.  If you write “Fred Green Memorial” in the memo, you will be included in the list of memorial gifts for Fred Green that we will share in an upcoming newsletter.