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(The following was delivered by Emily Doolin at the Women’s Banquet April 11, 2019.)

Central has been blessed through the years to have many dedicated friends who visit our campus and enjoy fellowship with their friends here. Each year some of them gain their eternal rewards. The events continue, but we miss those who used to be with us.

Tonight, I want to tell you about one of those Dedicated Friends:  my grandmother, Carmelita Kaser. Carmelita was born and spent much of her early life in the Edina/Greensburg area of Northeast Missouri.  Her home church was in Greensburg, but they attended Pleasant Ridge Christian Church often. Through the years it was served by several Central students, graduates, and professors.  In the early years of the college, students from Central would come to preach and Grandma would encourage the young preachers.

Although she never attended CCCB, she had many connections here.  She and her husband Leroy had six children. Four of them attended Central through the years:  my mother Phyllis, my aunt Patricia, and my uncles Jerry and Tommy. Of her fourteen grandchildren, four of us attended, including my cousins Jill, Joey, and James, and myself.  Three of us started our “Love Stories” at Central Christian College. Phyllis met Ron Self here, he became her husband, and they became my parents. My cousin James met Tina here, and they later married.  And I met my husband Brent Doolin here, and we both became CCCB graduates and the parents of our two daughters. Grandma was proud of all us who attended Central and thankful for the spouses we found here.

Central Christian College produces graduates to be Dedicated Disciples who Know God’s Word and Serve His Kingdom.  But Grandma displayed those qualities as well. 

Carmelita Kaser was a Dedicated Disciple of Jesus.

She loved her family and the Lord.  And she showed her love to others as well.  Not only did she send her children to Central, she also shared with Central in financial and other ways. She gave directly to the College as she was able, but also gave indirectly. She once gave a student a bed because they needed it and she didn’t.  She also supported the graduates she knew who were serving as overseas missionaries.

When vehicles broke down on the busy Texas road they lived on, Grandma and Grandpa would help them, no matter their race or their need.  Grandpa would try to fix the vehicle while grandma would invite the stranded motorists into their home for a meal or even an overnight stay.  It is possible they entertained some angels on one of those nights, and probably some who were not so angelic. While they didn’t have much and nothing fancy, they were always willing to share what they had.

She always went to church, even if the weather was so bad we thought she shouldn’t.  She would sometimes drive herself when we wished she wouldn’t.

Carmelita was a prayer warrior who took her faith seriously and made sure others knew what she believed about Jesus.  Though she experienced loss when 2 sons died from cancer and her husband suffered from Alzheimer’s, she remained dedicated to Christ.

This was true because Carmelita Knew God’s Word.  She was a student of the Word herself.  Sometimes the young preachers at church would say something in a sermon that caught her attention, and she would quietly help them if their teaching wasn’t quite right!  She taught children in church, as well as teaching her own children. She read the Bible all the time and brought home and saved The Christian Standard and The Lookout magazines every week to read those articles and lessons about the Bible.

And Scripture remained a source of strength.  When my Grandpa died in 2001, Psalm 33 was read at his funeral by Stan Rodda, a Central student who was doing his internship at the church.  That passage was later read at the funerals of her two sons who preceded her in death and at her own funeral. God’s Word gave her hope, because she knew it was true and believed that it mattered.

Finally, Grandma Served His Kingdom.  She was active in church while they lived in Missouri, but later she helped start two new churches in Texas.  In 1959, the Kasers visited a new, small church and realized the 8 people in their family could fill a pew and help the church succeed.  Later, they moved to Timpson, Texas after their children were grown and assisted with a new church plant, where they spent 27 years serving.  

It was hard for them to return to Moberly in 1999 when Grandpa was battling Alzheimers, but they got involved at Union Avenue Christian Church.  After Grandpa died, Grandma Kaser helped in various ways. When the church was building its new facility in 2005, Grandma would come to the work days and help by pushing a broom and cleaning up.  She was proud to serve her church in any way she could. And since she still drove, she helped the ladies who didn’t by taking them to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and exercise classes. During her 92 years on earth, she made lots of friends by serving God and His people.

Grandma passed away 6 years ago.  She often said she was ready to go to heaven.  She didn’t want to be in pain, go to a nursing home, or be a burden.  In spite of her tragic death on Easter weekend 2013, many people learned about her living faith.  She left this earth with the same hope she had learned from  Scripture. These are the final verses of Psalm 33, read from her Bible:

Now the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him— those who depend on His faithful love to deliver them from death and to keep them alive in famine.   We wait for Yahweh; He is our help and shield. For our hearts rejoice in Him because we trust in His holy name. May Your faithful love rest on us, Yahweh, for we put our hope in You.

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