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Remembering M. Ray McCully (1931-2015)

(The following remarks were written by President Emeritus Lloyd M. Pelfrey and shared at the Men’s Banquet on March 17, 2016.)

Officially he was Myron Ray McCully, but to most people he was Ray. Ray passed away in his home on April 16, 2015, after a prolonged battle with cancer. Ray is the one whom we are honoring as our first “Dedicated Friend.”

Anyone who attended the Men’s Banquets through the years saw Ray McCully and his special guests sitting at the front tables. It was Ray’s custom to purchase tickets for one or two tables, and then fill those seats with people whom he thought would benefit from being a part of this experience. In this way he was a leader, using his creative mind to enable others to hear the outstanding men whom the college brought to Moberly for these occasions.

Some whom he invited were teenagers from Timber Lake Christian Church here in Moberly. Ray worked with the youth minister to invite all the young men who would consider coming to the Men’s banquet at Central. Ray enjoyed the dinner surrounded by the young men from Timber Lake Christian Church. He invested in several young men of the church, and especially helped one young man to make sure he could attend church camp, a mission trip, and NYR each summer.

McCully FamilyRay was involved in many things, and he gave his best efforts in each area. This was especially true with his family—his parents, wife, children, and grandchildren. He quietly gave of himself in being a caregiver as needed for his parents and others. He and his wife, Lorraine, could often be seen in the hospitals, visiting church members and friends. In addition, they tried to be with their children and grandchildren in the major events of their lives.

In the community, Ray was a respected business man, working with his father in operating L&M Auto Parts. He used his abilities and resources to help the College in several ways. When Pelfrey Hall was under construction in 1980, Ray supplied the acetylene and other materials for welding. For years the College usually had an acetylene tank and a helium tank on hand. There is a rental fee for such things, but he never sent a bill. When Lloyd Pelfrey was traveling an average of 500 miles per week for the College, Ray agreed to care for Lloyd’s vehicle by monitoring and replacing tires, belts, hoses, brakes, and anything else that was needed.  During the years Ray provided that service, Mr. Pelfrey’s automobiles never experienced a break-down!
Ray was a member and a president of the local Rotary Club. He was also a member and a president of the Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Moberly Area Community College Foundation Board. In his retirement years he became one of Moberly’s Ambassadors, a group of people who celebrate new business ventures.

Throughout his life, Ray gave that same energy to his love of sports. He participated in baseball (even a family team of McCullys in Chillicothe), golf, and bowling. In bowling he was named to a local Hall of Fame. In golf he made two holes-in-one, and served as a president for the Moberly Country Club.

Ray and his wife Lorraine did many things as a team, traveling together nationally and internationally to see special places that God had created. When their twin girls were born, however, Ray was gone, serving as a military policeman in Germany during the Korean conflict.

Ray and Lorraine
In the local church he served in several ways: a Sunday School teacher, a Sunday School superintendent in the days when there was an opening assembly before people went to their classes, youth sponsor, deacon, and elder. He never sought the limelight, but his zest and enthusiasm caused him to be thrust into leadership roles. One of the most touching things in his life was when he and others in the local church who were battling cancer were interviewed together on how they were meeting their common challenges. All of the people who were interviewed finished the race of faith and have now passed to the next life. (Click below to watch a portion of that video.)

In view of all these things, when Ray invited men and youth to join him in attending these banquets, they knew he was genuinely interested in their spiritual welfare. He let them know that his faith was important to him, and he wanted them to receive the blessings that he received.

Ray’s quiet compassion in helping others was evident for all to see, creating rich memories of his life on earth. We are pleased that his family agreed to allow us to honor Ray McCully as our first Dedicated Friend. In this way he can again lead the way by helping others. We invite you to join with his family in making a donation in memory of Ray to help support the Torch Scholarship Program for the students of Central Christian College of the Bible.

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