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Transcript Request

You may request a paper copy of the form by contacting the Academic Services Office at academics@cccb.edu.

Official Transcripts

An official transcript has the signature of the Academic Services Office, the seal of the college, and is in a sealed envelope. All transcripts produced by the Registrar’s office are considered official. Official transcripts cost $5 each.

Unofficial Transcripts

An unofficial transcript is simply a list of courses and grades earned by the student. These may only be obtained by a student through accessing the student portal. If you have difficulty accessing the student portal, please fill out a helpcenter ticket.

A student may request an unofficial transcript from the Academic Services Office by filling out a Transcript Request Form.

Processing Transcript Requests

Transcript requests must be requested by the student. Requests through email or phone calls are not processed. We must receive the fee and your college account must be paid in full before transcripts can be issued. Please allow 7 days for processing. Requests received during registration week may take 2 weeks to process.

You may contact the Academic Services Office by email, academics@cccb.edu  or call 660-263-3900.