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Withdrawal Procedures

Schedule Changes

All schedule changes are processed by the Registrar with a nominal fee.  A local student who needs to withdraw from a course for any reason must do it before the time noted on the College calendar as the Drop Deadline.   Online classes follow a different timeline.  Online students should send an email to registrar@cccb.edu to process a change of schedule.

Adding a Course

Subject to availability, a student may add a course within the first full week (or equivalent) that the course meets.

Audit to Credit

If a student has been doing the course work for an audited course, the registration may be changed from audit to credit by midterm.

Grace Period

If a student drops a course by the end of the first full week of classes, it will not appear on a transcript and will not count as a course attempted for financial aid calculations.

Midterm Excessive Absences

If students have stopped attending a course before midterm, they must drop it by midterm in order to avoid a grade of FW for excessive absences.

Section Changes

Students may change from one section of the same course to another section during the first three weeks of the semester, but only under the following conditions:

  • Open seats must be available in the other section.
  • The teacher(s) must approve the change.
  • Absences accrued in one section are transferred to the other section.

Withdrawing from Courses

To withdraw from a course, a student must contact the Registrar, pay the appropriate fee, and complete paperwork authorizing the withdrawal.  The course will remain on the student’s transcript with a grade of W.  Courses dropped after the Grace Period and before the Drop Deadline do not affect the student’s GPA, but are included for financial aid purposes as courses attempted.  This may affect the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Withdrawing from College

A student who wishes to withdraw from Central at any point in the semester must come to the student services office and explain the situation to the Vice President of Student Development.  After that meeting, a student may begin the withdrawal process.  The fee for the withdrawal will be added to the amount due on the student’s account.

Students who are suspended or dismissed from Central must complete the withdrawal process to avoid receiving F’s in all classes.  They are not charged the withdrawal fee.  Students leaving after the Drop Deadline will receive a grade of “F” unless they meet one of the exceptions for an approved withdrawal.

Students must do the following before classes can be officially dropped:

  1. Meet with the Vice President of Student Development to initiate the process.
  2. Meet with the Registrar to start the class withdrawal process.
  3. Conduct an exit interview with the Financial Aid Director.
  4. Meet with the Chief Financial Officer to discuss the student’s account.
  5. Checkout with the Residence Hall Director (if applicable).
  6. Return keys, student I.D., and library materials to the College.
  7. Provide a forwarding address.
  8. Pay the withdrawal fee and outstanding balance (if applicable).