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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the standard of measurement a school uses to ensure a student is successfully progressing through the degree requirements. There are two components of SAP, a Qualitative and Quantitative. The qualitative component is based on the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The quantitative component is the pace of progression to ensure completion within the maximum time frame. (pace is a ratio of credit hours earned divided by credit hours attempted.) To maintain SAP at CCCB, the following is required: a CGPA of 2.00 and a PACE of 70% for all graduates. (As mentioned earlier, a student may only receive financial aid for up to 150% of the degree program.) If it is determined at any point that a student will not be able to maintain the pace of the degree requirements, all Federal Financial Aid must cease.

Students not making Satisfactory Academic Progress will be placed on either Academic Alert, Academic Warning, Academic Suspension, or Academic Probation.

Students placed on Academic Alert, Warning, or Probation will be enrolled in Central’s Student Success class for additional academic support. Regular attendance policies are in place for this class. Students on Academic Suspension may request to be enrolled in the class for $300 for a semester. Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the Academic Dean.

Academic Alert

A. A student is placed on Academic Alert when their semester GPA is below .70 and their CGPA is 2.00 or greater. The student will have the following conditions placed on them.

  1. They must complete an Academic Recovery Plan
  2. They will be assigned a tutor and must attend scheduled sessions
  3. For the Fall 2016, they will be assessed a $300 warning fee.
  4. Beginning Spring 2017 they will receive a 10% reduction in his/her tuition Scholarship. A student’s attempted/completed ration will be evaluated to ensure SAP for the deficient semester.

Students who have 2 consecutive semesters of a semester GPA below .70 will be placed on Academic Warning and academic standards for that status will apply. This will be true even if a student is meeting Central’s CGPA and Completion/Attempted Ratio standards.

Academic Warning

A student is placed on Academic Warning when either of the following conditions are true:

  1. A CGPA below 1.70 (less than 30 hours earned) or 2.00 (30+ hours earned)
  2. A PACE below 50% (less than 30 hours earned), 60% (30-59 hours earned), or 70% (60+ hours earned)

A student placed on Academic Warning will be notified by the Financial Aid and/or Academic Services Office. Students who have been placed on Academic Warning have one (1) semester to regain SAP or be placed on Academic Suspension. While on Academic Warning, onsite students will make an Academic Recovery Plan (ARP), with an academic advisor, for the semester (see below for details). If a student regains SAP after one semester on Academic Warning, they will be notified by the Financial Aid and/or the Academic Office. The ARP does not pertain to students who are pursuing an online degree or certificate.

A student who had been on Academic Warning but failed to raise their CGPA to meet their grade level SAP, but DID follow the ARP, will be placed on Academic Suspension. However, if they appeal and it is successful, the student will be placed on probation and may continue to have up to 60% of the tuition scholarship as long as the other requirements for maintaining their scholarship, including Chapel & Christian Service, have been met.

A student who withdrew from all semester classes before the drop date will not have a semester GPA and therefore will not be considered as a warning or suspended student due to their GPA. However, the dropped classes will be part of the student’s Attempted/Completion ratio for SAP purposes and may result in a change the student’s academic standing if the Attempted/Completion ratio falls below SAP standards.

A student on Academic Warning will receive 60% of the tuition scholarship.

Academic Suspension

A student is placed on Academic Suspension if either of the following conditions are true:

  1. A student who has not regained SAP after a semester on Academic Warning will be on Academic Suspension.
  2. A student is suspended when it becomes mathematically impossible for him to complete his program within 150% of its length if it is an undergraduate program.

A student placed on Academic Suspension will be notified by the Financial Aid and/or Academic Services Office. Suspended students may enroll with the following limitations:

  1. A suspended student is not eligible for a tuition scholarship or federal financial aid.
  2. A suspended student must successfully reapply to enroll in classes.
  3. A suspended student cannot be degree-seeking.
  4. A suspended student may only take two classes in a semester,
  5. A suspended student may not live in on-campus housing.

While suspended, a student who has earned 30 or more credit hours may regain SAP by regaining CGPA of 2.00 and a completion rate of 70%. A student who has earned less than 30 hours of credit, may regain SAP with a CGPA of 1.70 and have a completion rate of at least 50% Once it is determined that a student has regained SAP, the student may become degree-seeking and all internal and federal aid will once again be available.

A student on Academic Suspension may appeal the suspension within 10 days of receiving notification in order to enroll the following semester. If the appeal is not granted or the student chooses not to appeal within 10 days, he/she may appeal to enroll in future semesters. If the Academic Policies Committee approves the appeal, enrollment and financial aid may be reestablished and the student will be placed on Academic Probation.

A student who successfully appeals is placed on Academic Probation. However, the tuition scholarship for that student will be limited to 60% until SAP has been recovered. While on Academic Probation, a student must establish and follow an ARP (see below). Students on Academic Probation must earn a semester GPA of at least 2.00 and a completion rate of at least 67%. Failure to follow the ARP will result in Academic Suspension the following semester. However, a student who regains SAP, even if they did not meet the ARP criteria, will be cleared and have all financial aid benefits restored. The Academic Appeals committee will determine the standing of each student on a case by case basis.

Academic Probation

Students on an Academic Status, which results in a tuition scholarship reduction, may appeal the reduction due to financial hardship. If approved, the student’s scholarship will be limited to a reduction of 20%.

Academic Recovery Plan

An Academic Recovery Plan for students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation may consist of the following components:

  1. Maximum enrollment of 14.5 hours per semester.
  2. Retake any failed class(es) offered that semester.
  3. Enrollment in Study Skills with a personal tutor.
  4. Enrollment in Student Success Class.
  5. Restrictions on online or focused classes.
  6. Delayed Financial Aid Disbursements

Within the components, an academic advisor may customize the plan based on the student’s needs. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Delayed Financial Aid disbursements may be implemented until it is determined that a student is meeting the requirements of the ARP including, meeting with their tutor, studying in the learning lab, and maintaining their initial enrollment status. This is at the discretion of the FA.

Copies of the plan will be kept in the files of the Financial Aid Office, the Academic Services Office, and the Learning Center. The student’s tutor will meet with and counsel the student throughout the semester to ensure that the student follows the ARP. If a tutor finds that the student is not following the ARP, the tutor’s supervisor will notify the Academic Services Director who will take appropriate action in order to provide further counseling for the student.

At the end of each semester, the Academic Services Office will report each student’s ARP success to the Financial Aid Office via SAP reports.