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Enrollment Policies

The Vice-President of Academics, Registrar, and Transfer Coordinator advise students during the registration period prior to the start of classes. Underclassmen ordinarily take basic and core classes. Each schedule must be approved by an appropriate advisor before the business office determines the student’s charges.

The standard course load for a semester is fourteen to sixteen credit hours. Nineteen hours is the maximum that a full-time student may take without special permission from the Vice-President of Academics. A student must take at least twelve hours to be considered full-time.

All of the courses in the curriculum are one-semester courses. A student may therefore enroll at the beginning of the second semester as well as in the fall. A second-semester matriculant will not be allowed to enroll in classes in which the first semester’s work is prerequisite to the second without the written permission of the instructor.


A student who has previously attended Central who would like to re-enroll must re-apply in order to be considered for readmission and enrollment. When contacting the Admissions Office, a past student should mention his or her former status as a CCCB student in order to accelerate the process of readmission consideration.


Students who desire to make changes in their schedules must do so through the Registrar’s office. No academic courses may be added for credit to a student’s schedule after the first full week the course has met. Courses may be changed from audit to credit during the first six weeks of the semester, and from credit to audit during the first nine weeks. Courses may be dropped up to the twelfth week that classes meet. The course drop fee, as specified in the most recent schedule of fees, must be paid before the course is dropped.


Students who enroll late will be held responsible for work missed. No student shall be allowed to enroll after one week of classes in any semester has elapsed. Exceptions may be made by the Vice-President of Academics in rare cases involving uncontrollable circumstances.


A candidate for a baccalaureate degree must take at least thirty semester hours of work at Central. Students who wish to transfer from other institutions of higher learning must submit a complete transcript from each school previously attended.

Advanced standing may be given to students who have satisfactorily completed work in other colleges. Credits which are earned at accredited institutions and are equivalent to courses in the student’s program at Central are fully accepted, provided that the grade for the course is not below a C. Comparable credits earned at non-accredited institutions may be accepted provisionally, subject to validation by the student satisfactorily completing 15 hours work at Central with a C (2.0) average.

Current students at Central may apply course work from other institutions to their degree. Students may not use credits taken at other educational institutions to improve their GPA at Central, but such credits may be used to determine their class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior).