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Attendance Policies

Responsible members of a scholarly community.

An essential component of ministry preparation is the development of a professional work ethic that includes dependability, timeliness, and initiative.  Students who miss class develop habits which are not tolerated in the professional workplace.  Consequently, each student is expected to attend all classes.  To discourage students from extending vacations into class time, two absencesmay be counted for each session that a student misses immediately preceding or following Thanksgiving Break in the Fall or Outreach Week in the Spring.

Excused Absences

A student is only excused from classes for college-related absences.  Such absences result from participation in officially sponsored College activities (such as intercollegiate athletics, approved class field trips, ministry conferences, or outreach trips on behalf of the college).  Professors should be informed in advance of excused absences in order to coordinate make-up work.

Personal Absences

Personal absences include those resulting from sickness, personal/family emergencies, or ministry-related situations (i.e., weddings, funerals, etc.)  A student may miss the equivalent of one week per course each semester without grade penalty (7% of course meetings for short-term courses).  Make-up work for a personal absence is only accepted with the permission of the instructor according to the policy listed in the syllabus.  Prior approval for personal absences is not necessary; however, a considerate student will inform the instructor in advance when an absence is planned.

Excessive Absences

A student may be penalized for excessive absences.  The student’s grade will be penalized according to the formula given in the syllabus.  The penalty may be as much as 10% of the grade for the course, at the discretion of the instructor.

A student who misses over 3 weeks of the class sessions for personal absences will fail the course.  If this limit is reached by the midterm grade report, the student will be dropped from the class and receive a grade of FW (“failure due to excessive absences and withdrawn”), unless the student has already dropped.  If the limit is reached after the midterm, students receive a final grade of F unless they drop the course before the deadline.

The following chart details the penalties that apply for excessive absences:


No Penalty

5% Penalty

10% Penalty


Class Frequency

Up to 1 week

Up to 2 weeks

Up to 3 weeks

>3 weeks

1 class per week




> 3

2 classes per week




> 6

3 classes per week




> 9

4 classes per week




> 12

Focused class

Up to 3 hours

Up to 6 hours

Up to 9 hours

> 9 hours

Excessive Absences (Online Students)

Online students are free to complete their class work at any time of the day or night day, but assignments are intended to be completed at a weekly pace. Class work must be completed in a timely fashion to meet attendance standards. A student who does not complete an assignment within the first five days of class will be automatically dropped from the course. Within the first four weeks of class, a student who becomes two weeks behind on assignments may be dropped from the course and receive a grade of FW (“failure due to excessive absences and withdrawn”).