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Admissions Policies

Central Christian College of the Bible evaluates applicants based upon Christian character, academic achievement, and church affiliation.

Christian Character

The College desires to have the finest Christians, with a strong faith in Jesus Christ, in training for Christian service. Even though deficiencies in character may be corrected through the influence of attending a Bible College, it is better for this to be done before enrolling lest there be problems for the College or to the students entrusted to it. Those incarcerated for crimes must demonstrate good character and a working relationship with a local congregation for a minimum of one year immediately before applying for admission.

Acceptable Academic Standing

A candidate for a degree must be a high school graduate with an acceptable record. As well, the ACT or SAT must be taken and the results reported to Central. Home schooled students will be evaluated for academic standing based solely on their standardized test scores.

Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

Central Christian College of the Bible does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, national or ethnic origin in employment, admissions, financial aid, and participation in College programs.

Correspondence Credit

Central Christian College of the Bible may choose to accept a maximum of 30 hours of accredited correspondence credit toward a degree.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Some students who wish to attend Central are not interested in or are not academically qualified for seeking a degree from the College. Such individuals may be accepted and classified as non-degree-seeking students. As such, they do not qualify for any state or federal funds nor for any Central-funded grants or scholarships.

International Students

Christians in other countries continue to choose Central for their ministry preparation, and they are an important part of our student body. Special admission guidelines and requirements do apply, including satisfactory TOEFL test scores for students whose native language is not English.