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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is expected of all students.  Students are expected to avoid dishonest means to complete assignments and perform better on tests.  This includes using plagiarism, past materials, or cheating to improve performance.

Plagiarism is using anyone else’s intellectual property without attribution.  This includes copying materials from another student’s term papers, the Internet, or print sources without proper attribution.  Also prohibited is recycling material from assignments in other courses without the permission of the professor.

Students are expected to demonstrate integrity by not giving or receiving information during any test or examination, or on any other individual assignment, unless the professor so specifies.  Past tests or term papers should not be distributed to other students without the express permission of the teacher.  Students wanting academic help may obtain it from the Learning Center, but should not receive course materials from past students in a course.  Any student having knowledge of an infraction of this principle should report the infraction to the professor in charge, having first confronted the offender to give him or her an opportunity to confess.

When taking tests, students should be careful not to lead their brother or sister into temptation by displaying or sharing information.  All students are to do their own work to earn the grade they deserve.  Cheating or plagiarism of any kind will result in a zero for the assignment, which may lead to failing the course.

In any case of academic dishonesty, a faculty member may (1) make the student repeat the test or assignment for full or reduced credit; (2) give the student a zero on the test or assignment; or (3) give the student a failing grade for the course.  Once the penalty is assessed, the faculty member shall file a written report of the incident with the Vice President of Academics. Academic dishonesty may result in the suspension or dismissal of the guilty party or parties.  Any student accused of academic dishonesty may appeal in writing to the Vice President of Academics, who will convene the Academic Policies Committee to review the case.