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Those studying preaching ministry become familiar with the nature, function, and responsibilities of the located ministry. Emphasis is placed on preaching, biblical leadership, and congregational development. Students learn to plan and prepare biblical sermons to meet the needs of a congregation. They will also learn to provide responsible ministry, guidance, and referrals to persons in need of professional counseling. (This program is available onsite as a major or a minor.)

Graduates who complete the Preaching Ministry program often serve in churches as a pulpit minister. Some graduates may serve in a multiple-staff setting at a larger church. Ministry opportunities are available for students on weekends. After completion, graduates may pursue further degrees to develop specialized leadership skills.

This program may be the right choice for you if:

  • You love studying God’s word and sharing what you find with others
  • You are passionate about seeing people apply the truth of Scripture to their own lives
  • You are energized by the idea of public speaking

The Preaching Ministry degree program can either be pursued as a four year major or as a minor in conjunction with our other major options. With classes like Foundations of Preaching, Practical Ministries, and Ministerial Counseling, the Preaching Program is designed to:

  • Train students to preach and serve in a way that the text wins from the pulpit and in the lives of the congregation.
  • Teach students to preach ”from the Bible, through the Bible, and like the Bible.”
  • Equip our graduates to serve the church community and world more honorably so Jesus receives greater honor in the church community and world.

In this program, you can expect:

  •  To find your preaching voice and style.
  •  Close interaction with faculty and advisors.
  •  To learn about the day-to-day grind of preaching ministry
Degree Options:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Preaching Ministry: 4 year degree [Preaching minister, associate minister, seminary preparation]
  • Bachelor of Science in Preaching Ministry: 4 year degree [Preaching, minister, associate minister, seminary preparation]
  • Preaching Ministry Minor: 15 credits [Preaching / communication skills]
  • Pastoral Counseling Minor: 15 credits [Counseling / communication skills for use in the church]