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Central has been producing servant leaders for the Church since its founding in 1957.

New Testament Teaching

At its establishment the founding Board of Directors unanimously declared that “the purpose of the school is to recruit and train leadership for the church at large according to the New Testament teaching.”  Central has remained exclusively committed to pursuing this purpose.

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Expanding Facilities

The college campus, on the other hand, has seen many changes over the years. The campus now includes three dormitories, an expanded educational facility, a resource center, a maintenance building, and a student center. It was originally located in a small building east of downtown Moberly. In 1968 Central moved to its present campus in southeastern Moberly.  The facilities at that time included a main educational facility, a men’s dormitory, and a women’s dormitory. In order to keep up with growth demands, several buildings have been added since that time.

Empowering Kingdom Workers

In the fall of 2020, Central is lowering it’s overall cost by nearly 20% and provides a personalized approach to providing scholarship opportunities. CCCB’s generous scholarships have helped hundreds of young men and women achieve an education of their dreams. More importantly, it has made biblical higher education available to those who are called, regardless of financial standing. As a result, Central has produced highly effective workers for the Church who are able to enter the field knowing that their investment in their education will gain a return.

Distance Education

Until 2011, all of our degree programs were campus based.  The college now offers two online degrees. Students can earn either an Associate of Biblical Studies or a Bachelor of Religious Studies degree entirely online.  The flexibility these programs offer helps our students work their way through school and limit or avoid debt accumulation. The programs have been reviewed and approved by the Department of Education.

American Board Partnership

Another exciting addition to Central’s educational program is its partnership with American Board.  This group offers an alternative route for graduates to obtain certification to teach in participating states. Central offers its students the opportunity to take the pre-requisites needed for the program in their junior and senior years.  These graduates gain an extra certificate with their bachelor’s degree and are then eligible to take the state certification test after graduation.