Something is coming to CCCB this Summer

"Something" is happening May 12th through May 23rd.  "Something" is educationally stimulating and academically challenging.  "Something" is, perhaps, something you may be planning to participate in.
"Something" is May Focused Classes.
If you are planning to take a May Focused class, and you have not registered for it already, we need you to come to Mrs. Axton's office NO LATER THAN Friday, May 2nd, before 4:00pm, to register for it.  Please come prepared to either make a payment, or with adequate Financial Aid already in place.

The following classes are available:

Old Testament Prophets with Mr. Summa

Early Church History with Mr. Koffarnus

Book of Romans with Dr. Stevens 
(Acts of the Apostles is no longer available.)
Classes are $300.  Additional charges will apply if you need to remain in the dorms. 
Registration closes at 4:00pm, May 2nd.  Stop by today to reserve your spot!