Snow Days Make-up Schedule


Here is the schedule by which the February 4-5 cancellations will be made up:

Mon, Feb 17

 (Tue, Feb 4, PM)

Mon, Feb 24

(Wed, Feb 5, PM)

Fri, Feb 28

(Wed, Feb 5, AM)

Classes follow regular

Tuesday PM schedule

Classes follow regular

Wednesday PM schedule

8:00 am class meets at

1:10-2:05 pm

1:10-2:05 pm

2:15-3:10 pm

3:20-4:45 pm

11:40-12:20 pm

1:10-2:05 pm

2:15-3:10 pm

3:20-5:45 pm

9:05-10:25 am class meets at 2:15-3:35 pm

10:35-11:30 am class meets at 3:45-4:40




This schedule allows us to get caught up by the end of the month.  Students who have obligations on these dates, such as work, should work things out with their professors.
Dr. Stevens