Pray for a Student or Employee

Dear Friend of Central,

“Every Bible college student ought to have someone praying for them personally.  

Every staff member should as well.” 

Those words were spoken to the presidents of our Bible Colleges at a meeting I attended this summer.  The presenter was Dean Trune, who has been a campus minister, author, speaker, and personal coach for many years.  He has also been on our campus in the past to speak at student revivals and has trained some of our graduates.  Dean’s presentation was about the spiritual sustainability of our Bible colleges.  As he described the spiritual root system we must develop in our relationship with God, he made the statement I quoted above.  And Dean is absolutely correct, because prayer is essential for all of us at Central. 

Our students desperately need prayer.  Many of them are moving hours away from home, with uncertainty regarding what will happen to them in the coming year.  Some have their family’s support, but others don’t.  A few of our students are already married and have children.  The stress of being enrolled in college will burden their families.  Our expectations are high while they are here and all students face many temptations.  The stakes are high and Satan is a relentless adversary.  Our students certainly need regular, personal prayer.

Our staff also needs prayer.   They work very hard to accomplish our mission.  None of the College’s employees are paid as much as they deserve for their jobs or what they could make working elsewhere.  Some are just starting with us and others have transitioned recently into new roles (including me!)  We all have personal needs, health concerns, and time demands that can distract us and leave us spiritually drained.  Working with college students is very fulfilling, but can also be frustrating.  And while we pray for each other from time to time, it would be far better to know that someone is praying us for regularly.

Students and staff at Central all need someone praying for them personally.  Maybe it could be you.  I am sending this letter to a select group of our friends, those who have given financially at least once in the past five years.  Because your treasure has been with us, we believe your heart is with us as well.  This month, would you commit to pray this year for one of our staff or students personally?  You can either return the bottom portion of this letter or go to our website at to sign up online.  When you do, we will send a prayer card with information about the student or staff member you can pray for.  You may also sign up at the bottom of this page when you make a donation to support the work of training-servant leaders for the church.

We are told in James 5:16, “The effective prayer of a righteous person has great power.”  May we see the results of that power through your effective prayers this school year.

For Christ and the College,

David Fincher, Ph.D


P.S.  A special prayer for our four new faculty members will be greatly appreciated.  They are ready to begin the work here at Central of training servant-leaders for the church.


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