It's almost time to start a new school year.  The staff and faculty have been busy preparing for the 2014-2015 semesters.  New students will be checking in on Saturday, August 16th beginning at 8:00 a.m.  Click the link below for a printable version of the Orientation Schedule.


Wondering what to bring to college?  Here are answers to the top ten questions about dorm life at CCCB:  

1.  All beds in Foundation and Spurling Hall are TWIN SIZED.  All beds in Lang are EXTRA LONG TWIN SIZED. They are set up as bunk beds, but you can take them apart if you and your roommate prefer.
2.  Contact your roommate ASAP - get to know each other - figure out who has an A/C (only one per room) and a fridge, microwave, etc - that way you don't have two of everything.
3.  You can use command strips, hot glue gun (on cement blocks), and masking tape to hang up stuff.  Please no sticky tack and no tape (duct or scotch) and do NOT hammer nails or screw things into the walls PLEASE.
4.  Everyone has a closet, a three drawer dresser and a 4 drawer dresser under a mirror.  Some of the rooms have full length mirrors - some do not. You'll have to wait and see when you get here.
5.  Remember to leave all R and NC-17 movies and shows at home - you aren't allowed to have them on campus - even hidden in your room.  You aren't allowed to have M rated video games either.
6.  YES - you have a curfew - Monday-Thursday is MIDNIGHT and then Friday-Sunday is 1:00 am.  
7.  Each of the dorms has a laundry room (you will need detergent, fabric softener and quarters).  Costs about $1 for washing and another $1-$1.25 to dry.
8.  YES, we have a dress code - you have to wear clothes :)  You can't where shorts to class or chapel.  You can wear jeans, dress pants, skirts, or dresses.  Spaghetti straps are not allowed and shirts that are cut up the sides.  
9.  YES, you can have fish. But all other living pets must be left at home.
10.  Bring stuff to decorate your room - pictures, posters, curtains, bedding, small things that will make your room your own.  You might want to coordinate colors or themes with your roommate.