Students Make Outreach Week Plans

Central Christian College of the Bible annually has a Spring Outreach Week when our students “reach out” to the ends of the world, be it another country or back in their hometown (sometimes the hardest mission field).  This year’s outreach week is March 22nd – April 1st

Plans for this year’s Outreach Week began a year ago when the Missions Committee starting interviewing potential trip leaders.  Once the leaders were in place, team members were interviewed and teams were formed.  Each outreach team has raised their necessary funds for their trip, tickets have been purchased, and in a few days they will start their journey that they have been planning for months.   



The first outreach team traveled to Ireland during Christmas Break, December 31 – January 12.  Eight students assisted CCCB Alumni Stephen and Alisa Walton in Drogheda, Ireland to hand out advertisements of church events.  Two new kids came to “Kid’s Club” as a result!  The group also helped with some demographic studies which will help with a new church plant in Galway, Ireland.     


This team of six students will be helping in two ministry sites. In Macias, they will be working with Emmanuel Christian School helping to teach English, leading chapels, and helping build a new wing to their school.   At the other site, they will be working with another children's ministry and ministering to single moms.


Four students will travel to Stuttgart, Germany to work with Jeffery Ford (a current CCCB online student).  They will assist independent Christian Churches with youth outreach events along with building relationships with young adults to share the gospel.  Our students hope to encourage the missionaries already in Germany and make an impact for Christ on the youth in Stuttgart.

New England

Did you know that the five states in New England represent the least-reached people for Christ in the United States?  The New England mentality is that they rely only on themselves and their family, so why rely on God?

The five students, one professor team will work with Life Bridge Christian Church in Brandin, Vermont.  This is a church plant of Restoration House Ministries (  The team will focus on pre-Easter events in the community and serving the church.


Oklahoma is the second US focal point for one of our Outreach Teams.  “Team Oklahoma” will partner with The Voice of the Martyrs USA headquarters located in Bartlesville.  This team will be very busy.  Here is a listing of some of the planned activities: 

  • Packing blankets and Bibles for Christians in Sudan and packing “Action Packs” with clothing, Bibles, and other personal items for Christians in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan
  • Participating in projects that help spread the news of the persecuted church throughout the USA
    • Ship monthly newsletters
    • Package books
    • Sign “thank you” cards to financial donors
    • Listen to testimony and eyewitness accounts from the international team that meets with the persecuted Christians in areas like China, India, and Nigeria


Central has sent teams and an intern to Poland for several years.   This year the team will be in Zakosciele (I don’t know how to pronounce the name of this town, but God knows the souls that need to be saved there.) 

This outreach team of six students will partner with an organization called ProEM.  They will teach Bible and provide English lessons.  They will also serve at an orphanage in the area.


Seven students will be going to Kiev, Ukraine.  Their primary focus will be to university students.  During English lessons, they plan to steer conversations to talk about life, death, eternity, and Christ.  Pray that the university students have open ears while hearing about the Gospel.

The faculty, staff and students of Central Christian College of the Bible take global outreach seriously.  Please take a moment to pray for those mentioned above and all the others who will spreading the Good News during outreach week.  Thank you for your continued support of our overall mission.