Lady Saints Head to Joplin

The Lady Saints (11-14) are heading out to Joplin, Missouri for their first ever ACCA National Tournament appearance.  The team was seeded #7 of the field of 8. Their first round of play will be on Thursday at 4:00 pm against Arlington Baptist College of Arlington, Texas.

The ACCA National Tournament is being held on the campuses of Ozark Christian College and SW Missouri University.  The team will be leaving Moberly Wednesday evening in order to make it to the ACCA Awards Brunch on Thursday morning.  CCCB has been placed in Pool B along with Arlington, Hillsdale Freewill Baptist, and Barclay College.  The ladies will play a minimum of three games before headed into the final bracket on Saturday.  The tournament schedule looks like this:


  1. Ozark Christian College                      Joplin, MO
  2. Hillsdale Baptist College                    Moore, OK
  3. Arlington Baptist College                   Arlington, TX
  4. Emmaus Bible College                        Dubuque, IA
  5. Calvary Bible College                         Kansas City, MO
  6. Barclay College                                   Haviland, KS
  7. Central Christian College                    Moberly, MO
  8. Champion Baptist College                  Hot Springs, AR


POOL A               POOL B

    1                             2

    4                             3

    5                             6

    8                             7



      2:00           2 v 6

      4:00           3 v 7

      6:00           1 v 4

      8:00           5 v 8



                  Court A                       Court B

   10:00am    3 v 6                            2 v 7

   Noon         1 v 5                            4 v 8

   2:00pm      2 v 3                            6 v 7

   4:00pm      1 v 8                            4 v 5



10:00am    4th  Place Pool A v. 4th Place Pool B (Court A)

10:00am    3rd Place Pool A v. 3rd Place Pool B (Court B)

Noon         2nd Pool A v. 1st Pool B (Court A)

Noon         1st Pool A v. 2nd Pool B (Court B)

2:00pm      Third Place Game (Court A)

4:00pm      Championship (Court A)