Hot Christian, Cold Christian, or Not a Christian

  This post is by Jason Yoder, an Online Student. “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:15-16 NASB What are your thoughts when you read these verses?  Your first thought might be that hot and cold are opposites.  Most people quickly come to the conclusion that hot in this passage is telling us that we need to be on fire for God.  If we claim to be a … Continue reading “Hot Christian, Cold Christian, or Not a Christian”

Can a Divorced Man Serve as an Elder?


I come from a Christian family that has been surrounded by the church in every generation.  Recently, I have discovered that my grandfather wants to become an elder in his church.  This is all fine and good, and I am quite proud of him for aspiring to such a noble position in the church.  Unfortunately, I am not sure if he is able.  My grandfather has been divorced.  The questions arise; what does divorce have to do with eldership, and should a divorced man become an elder?  (Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that this is a scenario in which the … Continue reading “Can a Divorced Man Serve as an Elder?”

Why Do Good?


It’s clearly evident in scripture that we, as Christians, are to do good works or deeds. The debate isn’t whether or not we are to perform them, but what exactly their purpose and place in our faith is. I’m sure you’ve read passages like Titus 1:16, which talks about false teachers being “worthless for any good deeds,” and thought to yourself, “why are good deeds so important anyway?” My goal in writing this is to explore and define the purpose of good deeds and in so doing to explain why they’re so important to God. My scriptural home base for … Continue reading “Why Do Good?”

Is the Position of Modern Preacher/Pastor Biblical?

Description of the modern preacher/pastor: Normally, the preacher is a professionally trained seminary graduate. As in a secular job hunt, he sends in his resume and perhaps even a sample of his preaching to prospective churches in his search for employment. Usually, he is a stranger to the churches where he sends his resume (which is why he goes through this process). When a church takes interest in him, he is eventually invited to preach, teach, and become acquainted with the congregation. If the congregation and church leadership approve of the preacher, a contractual agreement is made concerning salary, vacation time, … Continue reading “Is the Position of Modern Preacher/Pastor Biblical?”

Embracing the Wilderness [and why we don’t]


Taking the Hard(er) Way Why do we prefer slavery in Egypt over following God in the wilderness?   In more practical terms, why do we tend to gravitate back to former sins or unhealthy situations rather than draw near to God through the hard times of life?   Why do we try to take control of life by digging our own cisterns (broken ones) instead of submitting to God and letting Him lead us through life? Why do we resist God’s way of purifying us through pain and hardship and turmoil?  Instead, we choose to do our own thing which … Continue reading “Embracing the Wilderness [and why we don’t]”