Scholarship Information

"Coming to Central was the right choice for many reasons, such as the highly qualified faculty and the affordable education.  Because of Central's full-tuition scholarship and other financial assistance available I will graduate from Central debt-free." 

Brooke Christensen - Class of 2011 

CCCB exists to develop servant-leaders for the church.  That means we will not let anything stand in theway of your receiving a quality biblical higher education and the ministry training you need to prepare for a lifetime of impacting this world.  

For so many future college students, the cost of an accredited four-year degree seems like an overwhelming obstacle.  How am I going to pay for this?  Will I be able to pursue the vocation I am passionate about after college, or will I be stuck trying to work of debt?  These are real questions, and important ones to ask...

The amazing part is that we have an answer: There are 100 new Full-Tuition Scholarships available each semester for every new and transferring degree-seeking student who attends Central.  This scholarship drastically reduces the cost of attending college and provides students the opportunity to graduate without the burden of educational debt.  We would encourage you to take the next step by applying here.  

To learn more about our Full-Tuition Scholarship and other financial aid available, visit our Financial Aid Webpage


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