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InFocus 2013 - October 18-19

Who: High School Students & their leaders.
What: A 2-day event designed to equip High School students to live their story for Christ. 
When: October 18-19, 2013

Where: CCCB Campus
Cost: $30 [Adult Youth Sponsors attend free]

We are so excited about what has happened right here on Central’s campus as high school students gather each Fall from all across the region. They come to connect with God and one another, and they leave equipped to live their story for the sake of the Kingdom. It has been truly amazing, and this year will be no exception!

Main Speaker: Adam Flora (

Band: Jordan Howerton Band ( Bright Red Day (

Breakout Speakers: Matt Steiger ( Nick Ballard (

Download the below flyer by clicking here.

Download the below color poster by clicking here.



*Pre-Register your group before October 13th  and your group will receive a 10% discount.



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