First-Time College Student Application Process

  1. Application:
    • Complete the online admissions application found here: Apply Online.  
  2. Official High School Transcripts
    • Your high school must send completed transcripts with graduation date to the CCCB admissions department.  Print out and complete the Transcript Request Form, and send it to the high school where you graduated.  If you're still in high school, have your current transcript sent in.
    • Official copies of a GED can be accepted in lieu of a transcript.
    • Home School students should send in their home school transcripts.  If you do not currently have a completed home school transcript, you can use the Home School Transcript Template
    • If you are a high school student interested in dual-enrollment, you can find the application process for concurrent high school students by clicking here.
  3. ACT Scores*
    • Official copies of your ACT scores must be sent directly to the CCCB Admissions Department.  Instruction on who to have your ACT scores sent can be found here: Send ACT Scores
    • If you have taken the SAT, you can have your official scores from that exam sent to our Admissions Department in place of ACT scores.  Your score will be evaluated according to the ACT-SAT Concordance
    • If you are age 23 or older, a personal essay must be submitted in lieu of ACT scores* 
  4. Ministry References
    • Provide 2 Ministry References from non-relative ministry leaders who know you well.  You can print two copies of the Ministry Reference Form and have your references complete and mail the form directly to the CCCB Admissions Office.  You can also provide us with the name, email address, and phone number of your references when you complete your admissions application and we will send them a link to complete the reference electronically.

Download and print a helpful checklist here: First-Time Student Application Checklist

*First-Time Students age 23 or over:
Applicants ages 23 or older and have never attended another college or university are required to submit a personal essay instead of an ACT transcript.  The essay must be at least one page typed, and written in response to one or more of the following: Write your testimony of how you became a Christian.  Describe how God is using you and stretching you now (include a description of your current church involvement).  Tell us how CCCB fits into your life/ministry goals.

Download and print a helpful checklist here: First-Time Student (23+ years) Application Checklist


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