Leave of Absence Policies

A Leave of Absence (LOA) allows students to return and complete a degree after one or two semesters away from Central. LOA applications are available here.  An approved LOA may last up to two consecutive semesters.


In order to receive an LOA, the following criteria are required:

1.    The student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

2.    The student must have all bills paid to the College.

3.    The student must be registered the semester immediately preceding the request for the LOA.

4.    The student must have no pending disciplinary action (dismissal, suspension, or probation).

5.    The student must submit documentation for an Extended Field Experience, Medical LOA, or approved studies at another institution.


Some benefits of an LOA are these:

1.    Students do not pay the reactivation fee upon re-entering after an LOA.

2.    Students are allowed to pre-register during the priority registration period for the next semester’s classes, as if currently enrolled.

3.    Students’ status for personal student loans could be LOA for 180 days, providing a deferment in repayment. After an additional 6 months, if the student does not return to school, repayment of student loans will begin.  The Financial Aid Office can further explain this process.

Failure to Return

If a student does not return after the LOA, the FAO will  determine if a Return of Title IV calculation needs to be completed.  The date to be used for the calculation will either be the LDA or the date of the LOA was signed.  This will be at the discretion of the FAD.  A student, who does not return, may end up having a balance due on their student account if Federal monies are returned.  Students are encouraged to speak to the Financial Aid Office for more information.