Cross-Cultural Ministry

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Career Opportunities

Graduates with a Cross-Cultural Ministry major often serve as direct support missionaries in a foreign field.  They may work as support staff with mission organizations.  Some move to foreign countries and volunteer for a church while working in secular employment.  Graduates can also work with local churches to send more workers into the harvest.  Some have chosen to pursue advanced degrees for additional training in Bible translation and missional studies.

Program Goals

The Cross-Cultural Ministry major can be developed either within the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.  In addition to those degree goals, students in the Cross-Cultural Ministry program will be able to do the following:

  1. Articulate missiological principles and strategies that influence the development of cross-cultural ministries.
  2. Equip a church to be actively involved in supporting missions.
  3. Develop a ministry strategy that will prepare the student to enter a chosen mission field.

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Cross-Cultural Ministry Minor

The Cross-Cultural program is also available to be added to any Bachelor's degree by completing the following requirement.