Biblical Research

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Career Opportunities

The program is designed to qualify graduates for further theological studies at seminary.  Students who graduate with a Biblical research degree may serve in preaching and teaching roles in a local church.  They can pursue Bible translation options in missions, based on the extensive Biblical language requirements.  Careers in writing and editing theological writing are also possible.

Program Goals

The Biblical Research major can be developed only within the Bachelor of Arts degree.  In addition to the BA degree goals, students in the Biblical Research program will be able to do the following:

  1. Translate selections of the Bible from the original languages into English using the basic rules of grammar and syntax.
  2. Generate an exegetical paper using the original Biblical languages, Bible study tools, scholarly research, sound principles of interpretation, and collaboration.
  3. Apply language and research skills to lessons and sermons.

Biblical Research Minor

The Biblical Research program is also available as a ministry minor added to a Bachelor of Arts degree by completing the following requirements.