Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science degree requires 132 hours of study. Students develop a Bible major, along with a ministry emphasis in one of the following six areas: Preaching Ministry, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Youth & Family Ministry, or Christian Ministries.  

Degree Goals

The student who completes the Bachelor of Science degree will be able to do these things:

  • Affirm and defend the truthfulness of the Bible and Christian faith. [B1]
  • Discover the meaning and spiritual application of Biblical texts through the historical-grammatical method of interpretation. [B2]
  • Identify the geographical, historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts of Biblical events and books. [B3]
  • Articulate Biblical principles of Christian life and leadership. [B4]
  • Explain the Biblical teaching of major Christian doctrines. [B5]
  • Display a breadth of general knowledge in various fields of study. [G1]
  • Locate and evaluate learning resources. [G2]
  • Exhibit independent, critical, and creative thinking skills. [G3]
  • Communicate effectively through written and spoken methods. [G4]
  • Identify the values necessary to guide ethical conduct and social responsibility. [G5]
  • Recognize the contributions of various cultures to the human experience. [G6]
  • Communicate the Bible clearly and contextually. [P1]
  • Lead a person to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. [P2]
  • Equip others for active service in the body of Christ. [P3]
  • Conduct a Biblical ministry sensitive to historical, social, and cultural contexts. [P4]
  • Exhibit the character and gifts of a Christ-like servant-leader. [P5]

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

Course Title Credits
Biblical Studies 54
BOT101 Survey of Pentateuch 3
BOT202 History of Israel 3
BOT331 Israel After the Exile 3
BOT361 Old Testament Prophets 3
BNT101 Life of Christ I 3
BNT112 Acts of the Apostles 3
BNT203 Life of Christ III 3
BNT252 Book of Hebrews 3
BNT301 Life of Christ II 3
BNT322 Book of Romans 3
BTH100 Foundations of Christianity 3
BTH201 Basic Biblical Theology 3
BTH325 Advanced Biblical Theology 3
BTH342 Apologetics 3
CHOICE Old Testament Elective (any non-required BOT course at the 300-level) 3
CHOICE New Testament Electives (Any non-required BNT course at the 300-level) 6
CHOICE Theology Elective (specified for each ministry program) 3
General Studies 43
GSS100 Saints Seminar 1
GCA131 Oral Communication 3
GCA151 English Composition I 3
GCA171 English Composition II 3
GHS212 Restoration History 3
GPS100 Worldviews & Ethics 3
GPS134 Introduction to Psychology 3
CHOICE Math or Science Elective (GPS222, GPS232, GPS242) 3
GPS340 Issues in Philosophy 3
CHOICE History Elective (GHS103, GHS104, GHS111, GHS143, GHS151) 3
CHOICE Church History Elective: Early (GHS343) or Modern (GHS344) 3
CHOICE Advanced Communication (specified for each ministry program) 3
CHOICE Foreign Language Elective (Any GGL, GHL, or GML course) 3
CHOICE General Studies Elective (specified for each ministry program) 3
CHOICE Literature / Art Elective (GCA311, GCA320, GCA333, PMU122) 3
Professional Studies 35
PCM100 Christian Discipleship 3
PCM222 Principles of Evangelism 3
SALT Core SALT Courses & Elective SALT Seminars 11
Required Ministry Program Courses 18
Total Credits Required for B.S. Degree 132

A suggested course of study is available for each of the ministry programs that can be developed in the B.S. degree.

Note:  Receiving a CCCB ministry degree does not constitute endorsement by CCCB for any paid ministry in the local church.   Any man or woman receiving a ministry degree from CCCB is responsible to pursue appropriate approval, ordination, or licensure that will qualify him or her to serve as a paid minister in a local church, subject to the church's conditions and expectations.