Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 135 hours of study.  Students develop a major in Bible, along with a professional emphasis in one of the following areas:  Biblical Research, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Christian Ministries, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Preaching Ministry, or Youth & Family Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires students to complete at least 15 hours of Biblical Languages.  These courses give students an opportunity to study Scripture in the original texts.  Most BA students either take 15 hours of Koine Greek or 9 hours of Koine Greek and 6 hours of Biblical Hebrew.  Biblical Research students take 15 hours of Koine Greek and 9 hours of Biblical Hebrew.

Degree Goals

The student who completes the Bachelor of Arts degree will be able to:

  • Affirm and defend the truthfulness of the Bible and Christian faith. [B1]
  • Discover the meaning and spiritual application of Biblical texts through the historical-grammatical method of interpretation. [B2]
  • Identify the geographical, historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts of Biblical events and books. [B3]
  • Articulate Biblical principles of Christian life and leadership. [B4]
  • Explain the Biblical teaching of major Christian doctrines. [B5]
  • Display a breadth of general knowledge in various fields of study. [G1]
  • Locate and evaluate learning resources. [G2]
  • Exhibit independent, critical, and creative thinking skills. [G3]
  • Communicate effectively through written and spoken methods. [G4]
  • Identify the values necessary to guide ethical conduct and social responsibility. [G5]
  • Recognize the contributions of various cultures to the human experience. [G6]
  • Communicate the Bible clearly and contextually. [P1]
  • Lead a person to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. [P2]
  • Equip others for active service in the body of Christ. [P3]
  • Conduct a Biblical ministry sensitive to historical, social, and cultural contexts. [P4]
  • Exhibit the character and gifts of a Christ-like servant-leader. [P5]

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

Course Title Credits
Biblical Studies 54
BOT101 Survey of Pentateuch 3
BOT202 History of Israel 3
BOT331 Israel After the Exile 3
BOT361 Old Testament Prophets 3
BNT101 Life of Christ I 3
BNT112 Acts of the Apostles 3
BNT203 Life of Christ III 3
BNT252 Book of Hebrews 3
BNT301 Life of Christ II 3
BNT322 Book of Romans 3
BTH100 Foundations of Christianity 3
BTH201 Basic Biblical Theology 3
BTH325 Advanced Biblical Theology 3
BTH342 Apologetics 3
GGL322 Greek Exegesis 3
GGL320 Greek Analysis (or GHL342 - Intermediate Hebrew) 3
CHOICE Old Testament (any 300-level BOT course) or GHL343-Hebrew Exegesis 3
CHOICE Practical Theology Elective (specified for each ministry program) 3
General Studies 45
GCA131 Oral Communication 3
GCA151 English Composition I 3
GCA171 English Composition II 3
GGL221 Elementary Greek 3
GGL222 Intermediate Greek 3
GGL332 Greek Literature (or GHL341 - Beginning Hebrew) 3
GHS212 Restoration History 3
GPS100 Worldviews & Ethics 3
GPS134 Introduction to Psychology 3
GPS242 Introduction to Physical Science 3
GPS340 Issues in Philosophy 3
ELECTIVE History (GHS103, GHS104, GHS111, GHS143, GHS151) 3
ELECTIVE Church History: Early (GHS343) or Modern (GHS344) 3
ELECTIVE Advanced Communication (specified for each ministry program) 3
ELECTIVE General Studies (specified for each ministry program) 3
Professional Studies 35
PCM100 Christian Discipleship 3
PCM222 Principles of Evangelism 3
SALT Core SALT Courses & Elective SALT Seminars 11
Required Ministry Program Courses 18
Total Credits Required for B.A. Degree 135

A suggested course of study is available for each of the ministry programs that can be developed in the B.A. degree.

Note:  Receiving a CCCB ministry degree does not constitute endorsement by CCCB for any paid ministry in the local church.   Any man or woman receiving a ministry degree from CCCB is responsible to pursue appropriate approval, ordination, or licensure that will qualify him or her to serve as a paid minister in a local church, subject to the church's conditions and expectations.