Worship Ministry

PMU 103                               Worship Ensemble                                   1 hour

Student volunteers are auditioned and placed in a group that can lead worship on campus or while traveling to supporting churches and teen events. Credit is granted to members who have been cooperative and responsible.

PMU 110                            Introduction to Guitar                                1 hour

Group study of the components of the acoustic guitar, including tuning, basic chords, and strum patterns.  Materials are included, although students must have access to their own guitar.

PMU 275                    Foundations of Worship Ministry                     3 hours*

Students study music as it relates to worship in the Bible and the history of the church, specifically as used in the corporate worship of the church.  Students are introduced to practical issues of worship leadership and examine opportunities for using their giftedness in the worship ministry of the local church. (View syllabus)

PMU 321                             Music Administration                              3 hours*

Special problems and techniques germane to administering a church music program in both large and small churches are examined.  Some areas to be covered include these: preparing a music budget, formulating song services, recruiting musicians, educating the congregation concerning music in worship, and examining types and sources of sacred music for all occasions.

PMU 324                                Leading Worship                                  3 hours*

This is an upper-level course for those planning on leading corporate worship in the local church.  It has a practical emphasis (students lead and evaluate chapel services) as well as a Biblical study of worship philosophies.             

PMU 380                               Music Technology                                3 hours*

Introduces students to the usage of sound reinforcement systems, recording technologies, and electronic music instruments in the worship ministry of the church.