Service & Leadership Training Courses

Core Courses

SALT-C1                             Serving in Community                               ½ hour

Students use appropriate resources at the College to improve spiritual life, campus life, information technology, local church involvement, Christian service, academic advising, and cultural diversity. (View syllabus)

SALT-C2                                Biblical Leadership                                  ½ hour

Students learn Biblical principles of service and leadership through the teaching of Jesus, other leadership examples from the Bible, and working with a mentor.  (View syllabus)

SALT-C3                              Leadership Ministries                                ½ hour

Students explore service opportunities in their areas of ministry study through exposure to practitioners, knowledge of pioneers in the field, awareness of personal gifts, and planning their course of study.

View syllabi for Biblical Research, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Christian Ministries, Cross-cultural Ministry, Preaching Ministry, Youth & Family Ministry

SALT-C4                             Vocational Preparation                                1 hour

Students prepare the resources necessary to find an internship or ministry, including a resume, philosophy of ministry, and learning covenant.  

(View syllabus here)

SALT-C5                                  Field Experience                                    6 hours

Students work for a semester, school year, or summer in an approved site under the tutelage of an approved mentor in their chosen field of service.  At least 300 hours of supervised ministry are required.

SALT-C6                               Personal Assessment                                 2 hours

Students assess and describe personal shortcomings, successes, and strategies from their career of preparation at the College in light of their future ministry plans.

(View syllabus here)

SALT-OL                        Ministry in the Local Church                          3 hours

Online equivalent to SALT-C1, SALT-C2, SALT-C3, and elective seminars for students who are enrolled in an online degree program.

Elective Courses

The following courses are offered occasionally and are available for any student to take who has completed SALT-C1.  They count as a SALT Elective component in a student’s program.

SALT-S1                                  Personal Finance                                   ½ hour

SALT-S2                               Biblical Stewardship                                 ½ hour

SALT-S3                                     Taxes & Law                                      ½ hour

SALT-S4                              Marriage Preparation                                ½ hour

SALT-S5                               Marriage in Ministry                                ½ hour

SALT-S6                              Parenting in Ministry                                ½ hour

SALT-S7                               Grace & Forgiveness                                 ½ hour

SALT-S8                                Conflict Resolution                                 ½ hour

SALT-S9                           Online Tools for Ministry                             ½ hour

SALT-S10                                  Rural Ministry                                     ½ hour

SALT-S11                                 Urban Ministry                                     ½ hour

SALT-S12                           Singlehood in Ministry                              ½ hour