Preaching Ministry

PCM 275                   Foundations of Preaching Ministry                    3 hours*

Examines the role of preaching ministry in the church.  Students are taught the fundamental components of a basic sermon.  They have the opportunity to deliver sermons and be evaluated on the basis of content and delivery.  Students examine resources for sermon preparation and issues in preaching ethics. (View syllabus)

PCM 321                Church Leadership and Administration                 3 hours*

An examination of efficient administrative and organizational procedures in the local church. Consideration is given to programming, committees, delegation of responsibilities, relationships between the leaders within the congregation, and coordination of the entire program.

PCM 324                        Principles of Church Growth                         3 hours*

Studies the principles of growth using a wide variety of examples, statistics, and research on the subject of church growth. This course has as its goal the practical application of the laws of growth and health in the local congregation.  Attention is also given to fundraising needs of a growing church.

PCM 331                            Ministerial Counseling                             3 hours*

Aids the minister in the counseling opportunities most frequently encountered by ministers, such as grief, pre-marital, marriage crisis intervention, child abuse, and financial management.