Cross-Cultural Ministry

PMI 205                       Foundations of World Missions                      3 hours*

Introduces the importance and Biblical imperative of cross-cultural ministry. As an overview of the principles, history, and methodology of worldwide missions, students are encouraged to help local churches become aware of the emphasis of world missions and evangelism. (View syllabus)

PMI 250                                  Missions in Asia                                    3 hours

How has Christianity expanded into Asia? What is the current status of the Church there? How does the church thrive in such persecuted areas? These questions and others are answered through a survey of the history, cultures and religions of Asia and the missionaries who endeavored to take the Gospel into very complex and diverse people groups.   Concluding with what the future may hold for Asia, students are challenged to take the Good News further into this last frontier. (Alternative to History of Missions for East Asian Emphasis)            

PMI 329           Independent Studies in Cross-Cultural Ministry            3 hours

An opportunity for students to conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty member.  A minimum of 45 hours of research for each hour of credit, plus a final paper or project are required for the course.

PMI 340          TESOL Language Program Curriculum & Design           3 hours

Presents the variety of administrative tasks that accompany TESOL.  Students analyze the design and use of commercially available tests and materials, and learn methods of developing one's own curriculum, which can be used in future teaching situations.

PMI 350                  Cross-Cultural Methods & Strategies                  3 hours*

Presents strategic issues that all cross-cultural ministers must identify and answer, including how a field is selected, how support can be raised, and how teams should be constructed to accomplish cross-cultural ministry.  Students prepare a mission strategy that addresses the need for harvest workers in conjunction with a church.

PMI 360                                 TESOL Practicum                                   3 hours

Students  observe  and assist a teacher of  English as a second language as well as give direct instruction to ESL students under the supervision of an approved teacher.