Communication Courses

GCA 131                              Oral Communication                                3 hours

Oral communication introduces the art of public speaking with an emphasis on preparation and delivery of a variety of speeches.  Students receive instruction and practice in the selection, organization, and presentation of speech materials and the opportunity to develop social poise and self-confidence. (View syllabus)

GCA 151                              English Composition I                               3 hours

Students practice the process of writing expository essays.  They improve their grammar, punctuation, diction, manuscript mechanics, sentence sense, paragraph composition, revising, editing, and proofreading skills.  Students submit short essays employing various rhetorical styles (such as comparison/contrast, process analysis, division/classification, cause/effect, and definition).  They also submit a short research paper.  (View syllabus)

GCA 171                             English Composition II                               3 hours

Provides an overview of basic techniques students need to write effectively during and after a college education.  The process of writing (including prewriting, planning, research, organization, format, and revision) is explored and practiced in detail.  Students learn to take a position on a topic, support it with evidence, and address opposing points of view.  (View syllabus)

GCA 212         Cross-Cultural Communication     3 hours

Helps the participants to recognize the influence of their own cultural perspective in a cross-cultural setting, to discover myriad ways we communicate beyond our spoken words, to increase sensitivity to cross-cultural interactions, and to become effective communicators in multiple worldview contexts.

GCA 222               Interpersonal Communication                 3 hours

Examines theoretical and applied communication in personal contexts.  The role of listening, conversation, non-verbal cues, and communication ethics are emphasized.

GCA 232             Advanced Communication: Speeches               3 hours

Provides opportunities to further develop public speaking skills in a church context.  It is designed to build confidence and competency in a variety of speaking contexts, including introductions, reports, impromptu situations, interviews, and group presentations.  Special attention is given to analyzing the student’s communication weaknesses and strategies to remove distractions and build speaker credibility. (View Syllabus)

GCA 302             Advanced Communication: Sermons               3 hours

Demonstrates various methods and styles of sermon construction and delivery.  Students analyze model sermons, discuss vital issues in modern preaching, and develop their own skills in writing and delivering sermons.  (View syllabus)

GCA 312              Advanced Communication: Lessons                3 hours

Demonstrates various methods and styles of lesson construction and delivery in teaching contexts.  Students analyze teaching styles and lessons, work together to plan and prepare lessons, and practice teaching lessons to one another. (View syllabus)

GCA 335                        Seminar in Biblical Preaching                          3 hours

Develops the student’s ability to create and preach Biblical sermons.  Helps the student create quality and appropriate content for sermons.  Students explore a variety of sermon options, develop a preaching plan, and explore how the different genres of the Bible should impact the sermon.  Each student preaches three times.

GCA 342                                 Research Writing                                   3 hours

Guided direction in the purposeful organization, focused research, and thorough revision of a Biblical or theological study.  Students complete the writing requirements of the Biblical Research program under the supervision of a writing professor and a research professor.

GCA 350                    Structure of the English Language                      3 hours

Surveys the important structure, grammar, and syntax of the English language essential for non-native speakers to know. The course teaches idiosyncrasies of each language group and how that affects learning English.  A variety of techniques used in teaching language structure are explored.